While the Raikage is Away

Posted on: January 25th, 2017 by Joe 31 Comments

Hi guys. I've been asked to work on Narutopixxx for a while to help Rex out with the requests. I'm not really sure how long I'll be here but if you want me to do some requests, you know what to do. I don't think there are requests for me here yet so I'll just do some random images for the meantime. Cheers!

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  1. Miguel says:

    Finally something good has happened here. Welcome to Narutopixxx Joe

  2. slyfer101 says:

    Hello Joe, welcome to Narutopixxx. I just reposted a request I’ve had on Rex’s books for quite a while if you want to check it out. We don’t have an option for choosing you yet.
    What happened to Darwin anyway?

    • Joe says:

      Alright, I’ll check that out. As with Darwin, I’m not sure about the full story but I was told he went MIA or something.

  3. Evan says:

    Hey, could you do one of part 1 naruto and let 1 hinata in the spoon position? Thanks so muckh!

    • Joe says:

      I’ll take note of that. What do you mean ‘part 1 naruto’ and ’1 hinata’ though? Do you mean the season 1 naruto and hinata versions (genins)?

  4. ****** says:

    do hinata

  5. kumekazu says:

    Cool,i made a request to you.
    I put it on Darwin’s requests and i put a “To Joe” on the request.

  6. Amaterasu user says:

    Nice you are here to help, Joe. I hope we can see nice request and goof artwork from you. :)

  7. Evan says:

    Hey Man, this comment never showed up on the feed so im posting it again (sorry for potential spam) but can you do a pic of PRE time skip Naruto and hinata going at it in spoon position? It would be extremly sexy if you showed Hinata’s boobs and panties. Thanks!

  8. pussyluv says:

    Can’t view the full size image…

  9. dragonshiryu says:

    I dropped my request for you too, under Darwin’s name but adressed to you.

  10. zacromy says:

    Hello Joe, Nice to see you here ! Seems you gonna be very popular at this site or you already done, checked the suggestions box and you got so many requests for so short time, impressive.
    Now I just wondering What gonna happen here when you’ll become more popular than Rex among of members, this won’t be a big surprice at all, because the numbers of Rex’s pics and quality getting lower and lower every month.
    What You and HKey will be do when you’ll be start getting more requests and interest from members than Rex ?
    You’ll become the main artist here ?

    • dragonshiryu says:

      I agree with you in some point but Rex’s art is great unfortunally it’s not always that artists are in mood to draw perfect pictures everytime, the only bad thing i heard about Rex is that he too exclusivist about accepting his requests and draw only for some members and sometimes two, three requests for the same member and also heard he completely ignores any kind of fetishism requests. Honest speaking i don’t know what some people/artists has against fetishe requests.

      But i do think the administrators should bring one or two new artists to this site like they did with Karazu(fanpixxx) and the others Ecchizen, Red etc, though they are not so active as Karazu they are nice. In my opinion they should bring new people since the current artists are kind bored working on the same site for years like Robert and Lexus who can’t even handle and finish the requests from Halloween from 2016.

    • Joe says:

      Whaaat? LOL! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I don’t think my works are that good yet. Rex’s stuff are still interesting and I don’t think I’ll be the main artist here. I don’t even know how long I’ll be doing requests here although doing Naruto stuff is cool since it’s one of my faves.

      • dragonshiryu says:

        I mean no disrespect you Joe but your art is not that great and you still have a lot to learn. And please do not take my comment as offensive but comparing your art to the others i think your too amateur.

        • Joe says:

          Oh that’s fine. I’m not gonna take offense in anything, really. Everyone’s got their own opinion about anything and that’s just how the world is.

          • Amaterasu user says:

            There is no wonder your art isn’t comparable to Rex’s art. He have in fact been practicing his art since 2009 which makes him doing naruto art for about 7 years. Joe is almost completely a newbie to the pixxx-sites and he needs a lot practice. But as I thought of Darwin too when he started somewhere in 2013, an artist become much better with practice and actually improve a lot in short amout of time. I saw that with Darwin during those three years he were active here, and I sure with time Joe also will become as good as Darwin to draw naruto art.

            It’s true Rex artwork is unique and completely on another level, but the rate he publish pics have decreased very much during his years here on narutopixxx. What I really loved witb Darwin is that he delivered many pics in a week with very good artwork. I am sure Joe can also make improvement and make great pics with a high rate. If none else, I have hopes in you Joe. So don’t give up and keep your spirit up!! That’s how you succeed. :)

          • Joe says:

            Thank you. Although sadly, it seems that I won’t be here for long. They’ve already found another artist to help Rex out so I’ll be back alternating between bleachpixxx and fanpixxx.

  11. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Well since they have put an artist to help on here I wonder if they are going to put some other artist to help on onepiecepixxx later because that site doesn’t get updates for a long time now

    • Joe says:

      Oh. I’m not sure what the admins have planned for that. But I don’t think they won’t leave it hanging for long. For now, Narutopixxx seems to be the one with the most requests out of all the pixxx sites.

  12. MattC says:

    Hi Joe, welcum to NPixx. I would like you to do a pov picture with Kushina in cowgirl position (being in front, showing her tits)
    With an expression of pleasure and love.
    I could be riding to Minato, Naruto or Boruto.

    • Joe says:

      Thanks for putting in your idea. Please add your request in the suggestion box under ‘Darwin’ for now and just add ‘For Joe’ in the description. There’s already a number of request in there so I’m going to start with the very first one that’s for me there.

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