Posted on: September 22nd, 2016 by Rex 19 Comments
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Requested by Simon

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  1. German says:


  2. Animeseven says:

    Naruto is so hot! Would be awesome, with some rare girls like Sara, Shion and others!! Amazing Rex!!!

  3. Hatsune Jaden says:

    See this is a good pixxx with great detail and background. Also a great pairing.

  4. ggizipizi says:

    why it isnt anal? why? :’c

  5. Iolao says:

    overused and boring

  6. MoodyBin says:

    Finally comments are back, and so we can talk shit on new hinata pics!
    (I am seriously glad comments are back tho)

  7. miyuki_chinen says:

    again hinata, how about sakura, ino, tenten, temari?

  8. ewtwomew says:

    Okay so usually hinata x Naruto pics are pretty boring but this is actually really good.

  9. Guilherme says:

    I am Brazilian and I love his work. u could make my order? the same image in the sakura double doogystyle penetrated by hinata and ino and hanabi by tenten and karui?

  10. wtf says:

    You guys should really take off both the rating and the comment section. The amount of cringy nerds raging about Hinata is getting disgusting. If you take those off, maybe they’ll finally find some time to realize how pathetic they are.

  11. FJlove says:

    I don’t understand why Hinata is so hated here. Is it because of the HinaSpam in 2014-2015 ? I don’t write this comment to get red thumbs, I just want an explanation, because without Hinata, this pixxx looks really good : Nice boobs, nice facial expression, great feet, original position….I really don’t understand.

    • Handsome Jack says:

      its just blind rage, theyre just queers is all

    • Amaterasu user says:

      It’s just assholes who isn’t satisfied with the ending of the series. I am very active here and as far as I have understood these whiners ship Naruto x Sakura while most members want their request of Hinata which is the top requested female character (and it’s actually confirmed too).

      But we have some assholes, who also doesn’t pay a penny to change the situation, that doesn’t like that too many request of Hinata is getting done. But in both cases it’s just stupid to spam the site with flood and spam when you have no right as a non-member. If you want more verity that bad become become a member or STFU! -,- I promise a if all these dumbasses had made a request they would have changed the Hinata situation long time ago. But stupidly enough they are only cheapskate whiners.

      I hope this made it all clearer. :)

      • Annoyed member says:

        Kys, russian spammer

        • Amaterasu user says:

          Maybe you are not a big fan of her, but dude its confirmed she is one of the top requested character by most of the member. Ofc there is always exception. Buy that’s not my point here. There are annoying assholes that aren’t members and think they can get what ever they ask for. Wouldn’t you find that unfair since you are a member?

          By the way, I am not a Russian, but I can be one here. Lol

  12. TacosForLife says:

    Lol why the hate on hinata
    You know Rex will just keep making more hinata x naruto just to annoy you haters ^_^ now just get over it OK, you guys are just acting like little kids

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