All Out Service For The Hokage

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Rex 7 Comments

Requested by gxnqgwk

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  1. tsukutarasu says:

    I posted a request for Darwin about a year ago. Since apararantly he’s gone, could you please do that request Rex?

  2. Animeseven says:

    Hot Ayame and Naruto! Nice pic Rex! You could do other pic like “Past and Future” with Naruto! Would be awesome!

  3. dragonshiryu says:

    The comments section are open for non-members again? Oh my God not again now the chaos will start once more.

    Please keep the comments for members only this is the only way to keep the trolling away!

  4. prince of sparta says:

    darwin no longer works on the site ?

  5. Soderik Wonderbringer says:

    awesome pose, pairing, coloring

  6. raquel says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if this is actually happening in canon (its just not mentioned) would be realistic .most deffinitely hinata is borring as fuck and tits are saggy after 2 kids so naruto needs to make up somewhere else

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Maybe in your dirty thoughts and here on narutopixxx, but the naruto in the manga/anime would never do something like that to his wife. He isn’t that kind of person.

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