09_Gathering Milk For My Baby Naruto

Gathering Milk For My Baby Naruto

Posted on: February 5th, 2016 by Rex 5 Comments

Requested by Fangbang

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  1. Fu-reiji says:

    pretty hot stuff. not sure why the title is what it is though.

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Yeah, agrees that the title is a bit weird and doesn’t fit. :/

      But it makes half sense since milk are coming out from Samui’s left tit. :) It would be better if Naruto were watching them snd waiting patiently for his delicious milk. :D

  2. Don/fish1337 says:

    that tits look amazing ;)

  3. whitewolf says:

    Samui is so hot.

  4. Westinghouse says:

    Samuis perfect toes are clenched in pleasure as her supple right breast squirts with milk and her pussy explodes due to being pegged by Kushina. A true masterpiece rex

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