02_Narutopixxx Covers
Posted on: January 20th, 2016 by Rex 17 Comments
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  1. Westes says:

    Why 16? Has this been done here before?

  2. julia34 says:

    Rare! Four pics by Rex without request! Beautiful Ino got the day!
    Sure, lucky Naruto or better lucky Mei and Samui! Awesome work Rex!

  3. More Samui Plz says:


  4. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Good job. Please Mei and Samui solo.

  5. julia34 says:

    Now I look better! This could be a hot series “Narutopixxx Covers” with different characters! Awesome idea!

  6. whatever says:

    so you will make Doujins?

  7. Chia says:

    I’m buying this volume :)

  8. Chia says:

    Also let me start off by saying we got 3 ino 2 tsunade 1 Sakura and mei what else can you ask for. Well Maybe Kushina but you got to admit this is satisfying.

  9. souleaterx says:

    I think it’s supposed to represent the year of 2016.

  10. whatever says:

    were we find those?

  11. danyel says:


  12. guy says:

    lol everyday naruto is ok for u but everyday hinta is not ok u blindly put 5/5 on any naruto pic i thought many of u here are for pussies other males should also get equal chance it is non canon i know it is requested but still are u all these blindly obssessed with naruto i mean this pic is good no doubt but still

  13. RikudoSennin says:

    Look at Samui. Look at her body, look at her chest and look at her face. Isn’t she just a goddess?

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