16_Union Of Rival Clans
Posted on: December 17th, 2015 by Rex 13 Comments
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Requested by porkyies

13 Responses

  1. julia34 says:

    This is a surprise! First pic of Shisui and with Kushina!
    Amazing request, bring a super rare character! 5/5
    But, I still love more the Uzumaki clan!

  2. hatake says:

    What!what! Shisui uchiha! Hahaha awesome

  3. Yohannesson says:

    Can you give me more hot for character Khusina?

    I want Kushina more hot with her boobs and vagina

  4. Forekest says:

    Gotta love kushina

  5. Zorro says:

    love kushina need more pics of kushina with bigger boobs and vaginal

  6. Unkown says:

    The Uzumaki clan aren’t rivals with the Uchiha clan. That title belongs to Senju. Unless you count Sasuke’s and Naruto’s rivaly

  7. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Good job.

  8. porkyies says:

    Another excellent piece of art Thank you rex

  9. Chia says:

    OMG Kushinaaaaaaaaa thank god this pix is amazing like her expression should’ve been a pussy pic but this is good too well anything with kushina is great 100/10. <——- yea this is how good this pix is :)

  10. Moody Bin says:

    Kushina <3 Now Kushina with Rin in one bed!! :D

  11. tori2947 says:

    can we get more shisui?

  12. Narusaku says:

    Oh kushina how id love to do that while husband is away!
    Perfectly drawn by none other than Rex the man, love kushina! Body & Ass

  13. Amaterasu user says:

    How can this beautiful masterpiece get so low rate. I mean really guys? Without exaggerating Kushina is one of the hottest MILF in the series. It should be a crime to rate her that bad. :(

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