14_Saint Supper Dessert

Saint Supper Dessert

Posted on: December 14th, 2015 by Rex 18 Comments

Requested by mewtwo

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  1. KiraGio says:

    As you might say: “Worth the wait!”

  2. julia34 says:

    Wonderful Christmas pic Rex! Beautiful kunoichis!

  3. Westes says:

    It’s about time we got started :]

  4. Don/fish1337 says:

    really hot, bu some more updates would be really nice ;(

  5. Lockthetaskbar says:

    Great job Rex!

  6. says:

    That’s the only Christmas present I could ever ask for, nonstop sex with older women.

  7. mewtwo says:

    I really thank you for consider my request Rex beatiful picture both girls are hot and sexy, i just wish we could see more of Mei’s face. You rarely accept modification requests but if you have some time to spare i’d like to see Mei’s face/eyes a little more please :) . Tsunade expression is priceless in fact, both girls expressions are priceless.

  8. WARlord says:

    So Darwin also became an another freelanced artist as Lexus Aidan etc. and if that true then where the same can see his non-naruto images ?
    Or HKey fired him and if that true then what the reason for ?

  9. KiweeX says:

    Rex is the best of all !!!

    Love his great work !

  10. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Excellent work.

  11. Nona says:

    Yesssss!!! We need more of Tsunade and Mei together, maybe the next one can be just them?

  12. Erpoke says:

    Oh My Fucking God of boner, this shit is so fantastic !! Great art rex ! Love Tsunade so much (+ Mei it’s tooo much hotness inside one pic). You really should consider my request in the suggestion box, about tsunade (only) fucked like that but side view on all fours on her desk by shippuden konohamaru only wearing her grey top showing her boobs + her high heels on her feet and her panties down on her knees, and her generous boobs hanging out just like here. Love the shape of her ass and thighs, thats exactly what I m looking for my request. Great proportions, I love that !!

  13. UzumakiFan says:

    This is what I call hell of a xmas lol, well requested my friend and nice art rex *thumbs up.

    Meanwhile I wait for mine…:(

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