20 Trying An Older Man This Time Requested by paizuri
Posted on: November 20th, 2015 by Darwin 10 Comments
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Requested by paizuri

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  1. Omnia123 says:

    Nice One Darwin

  2. Omnia123 says:

    Great Pic Darwin

  3. julia34 says:

    By the gods, Rex where are you?
    This pic with old men are so unsightly! Mei is the one who matters here!

  4. TheDoc says:

    NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO !! GOD PLEASE NO !!! Okay, Mei is cool, but I’m sick of Darwin ! I don’t like his art..seriously look at the feet, they look like squares and the facial expression is horrible ! This week, 5 pics for Darwin and 1 for Rex ! When I see “Posted on…..DARWIN”, I’m so sad…Look at the difference between Rex and Darwin, especially the beauty : On the left, you have a wonderful pic with an excellent quality (Rex), and right a pic with a quality of children’s drawing (You know who he is). Thanks for reading me.

  5. Unknown says:

    Anyone else don’t like old men fucking hot girls?

  6. OjiSan says:

    Great !

  7. jupmod says:

    Mei is always one of the hottest women in the Naruto Universe. Just I think it would have been better if she stayed with younger guys than these very old guys. :)

  8. MeiXOldGuys says:

    Omg hottest pic in my opinion. Love this mei x old man stuff

  9. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Good job. But I prefer Mei solo, but we must acknowledge the work of people. Clap Clap Clap.

  10. S,Star says:

    No offense Darwin, but I’d be mindblowing to see a rex rendition of this very couple.

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