22_Where Is Your Kage
Posted on: July 9th, 2015 by Rex 9 Comments
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Requested by Redut

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  1. Shussy says:

    Hot, always love seeing Suigetsu!!
    Just wish he was in a different position, it’s been the same for 3 pics now.

  2. Eleventyseventy says:

    Out of curiosity, do the requesters ask for a previously used character head or do you just do that in order to not draw the character again?

  3. miyuki_chinen says:

    How about sakura?

    • Don says:

      day 1234 still no sign from sakura…
      but really it was 5 weeks ago that we last saw her
      no name characters are gettint pretty much attention lately, who the fuck is ameno ? oO

  4. Celto says:

    Looks more like soap then it does cum.

  5. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Nice pic but just a simple mistake…Suigetsu’s teeth

  6. miyuki_chinen says:

    how about sakura?where is sakura?

  7. Redut says:

    Thanks a lot rex for another amazing art for smexy Ameno Although I did asked Deidara not Suigetsu and my request was based on Gaara rescue arc but I do not seriously cares about males so I have any serious problem with this mistake. thanks

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