06_Hot Relaxe After Mission
Posted on: June 5th, 2015 by Rex 19 Comments
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Requested by Imax Z

19 Responses

  1. Shussy says:

    Hot! Wish it was a Team 8 threesome, but still an awesome pic! Always love seeing Shino’s nick cock :)

  2. miyuki_chinen says:

    again agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin hinata,miss sakura pics,put another pic with her on june month,please,sick of hinata

  3. SomePeople says:

    I have no words…I’ve waited Sakura, Ino or Kushina pic for 1 month but members are still requesting this trash…

    • Ninja says:

      I know, right. I’ve been waiting for a year, but my parents bought me an Xbox One when I wanted a Wii U and a PS4 for my birthday (sarcasm).

      Who the flying fuck do you think you are?!

    • Don says:

      no we are not only requesting it
      i requested sakura and kagura as well but rex is still drwing “that trash”
      so pls blame him not the members

      • BlackStar says:

        Hm maybe rex started ignore your requests because he start suspect that you are an another Edwardnewgate avatar here After all it’s pretty strange that you loves ask favorite edwardnewgate’s tan lines and high heels ideas on bleahpixxx when here you make only simple requests
        It’s looks like you are afraid to be catched by rex and try camouflage yourself as random member

        • Don says:

          you are some kind of special retard and should take your medecine my friend

          and no i dont request tanlines or highells for narutp pixx because it would not suit the art style of rex i mean imagine sakura with high heels and tan lines that would look stupid o.O

          btw lexus already pointed out that i and your friend edawardnewgate whatever are not the same person because we have diffrent IPs, emails and diffrent skill lvls of english so you can keep going with your paranoied shit because nobody is stupid enougth to belive you not lexus, not ferds and not rex.

          the only one here who is using multiple accounts is you and yes the artists know that^^ so have fun getting ignored

          • EVA-013 says:

            You are serious ? Sakura and Bambietta have a similar tone of the skin but You say sakura with high heels and tan lines that would look stupid while on bleachpixxx you did asked Bambietta on the beach in high heels with tan lines in cowgirl position This a absolutely typical Eddy’s request and nobody is stupid enougth to belive you that you dont request tanlines or highells for narutp pixx because it would not suit the art style of rex who is one of the best HK artist What a lame story
            and again a lot thumbs down came for somebody who dare attacking you as always it’s going on here and on others pixx-sites
            You smell as Eddy for a mile

    • Rex and Darwin are hinatards says:

      they were crushed under the hinatas’ pile

  4. erpoke says:

    A series of 5 Hinata masterpieces by rex an 1 by Darwin, my dick is fully satisfied, however it wants a lot more :) !!!! I want to see Hinata being fucked in one position at least once a week, like Ino, like Sakura, Temari, Tenten, etc… these 5 girls all deserve it !!

  5. erpoke says:

    Very nice left foot and legs btw. And love the face expression of this biatch. However, the nipples look too small :/

  6. JulCan1987 says:

    I have to admit, Hinata looks real good in this picture. But, Hinata has gotten a bit overused lately.

  7. Ninja says:

    This is one of the best Hinatas you’ve drawn in a while. Nicely done!

  8. Ninja says:

    I guess I should also add that I find it wierd that Shino is wearing his headband at the hotspring. He’s off duty, right? Even the title says so. The same can be said about your Yoshino fisting Temari pic. Temari’s also wearing hers at the hotspring.

    I’d say drop the gears and outfits when they’re at places like this, but hey.

  9. HinataUzumaki says:

    I really love this pic! I love this pairing because of their friendzone in the anime. If Shino fucks Hina, i think that’s fuckin hot and awesome!

  10. Imax Z says:

    Thanks very much for doing my request and must say this pretty decent one but you missed one very important details in my request I always asked her with the ponytail hairstyle for bathing but you drew her with her constant hairstyle Probably you don’t like her ponytail or you don’t interesting spend more time to draw my request but anyway this is not very good idea to change members requests to the own joy

  11. Mynameisjeff says:

    I like hinata
    But where is ino and kushina i never saw from your draw
    And yeah i want lesbian and solo just saying

  12. Amaterasu user says:

    Damn, this was a good pic. Good work man. ;)

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