04 I'm Proud Of Both Of You Requested by Suggester

I’m Proud Of Both Of You

Posted on: March 4th, 2015 by Darwin 14 Comments

Requested by Suggester

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  1. Westes says:

    It’s mother galore! Kushina, Mikoto and the nameless mother of Hinata.

    Kushina and Mikoto have appeared quite a lot lately. I know they got a long way to go, but I hope they don’t become frequent like Hinata. And Sakura, I guess.

    • Bubbahotep II says:

      Be careful, your hinatardism is showing

      • Westes says:

        More like varietardism.

        Honestly though, excluding Hinata because it’s expected that she gets a lot, February was disappointing in terms of variety. And Sakura got only 1 + the late one in rex’s bundle.

        That’s kinda hars.

      • McBootyPirate says:

        How is that “hinatardism”? He’s saying he hopes there won’t be a truckload of pics of them at a time like a month ago when Hinata pics were being pumped out 5 pics a week. In other words, he wants the artists to have diversity in their works. Learn to decipher context before you go and insult others or you’ll embarrass yourself.

  2. barackmorgana says:

    why not show her feet? srsly…

  3. Majin Ruu says:

    Its good pic. but, please make a pic “Naruto fucking mikoto and Sasuke fuck kushina” in one pic

    • pathfinder.omega says:

      Actually I already requested that about a month ago. When we see it is up to the Admins.

      Also, they don’t take requests posted in the comments, sooooo….fuck off.

  4. shirayuki says:

    please naruto and hinata the last or after wedding

  5. koddykdy99 says:

    Please pixxx of Sen . Thanks

    Never stop with this work

  6. Draco says:

    Would love to see more of Mikoto and her sons.

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