A Taste Of The Uchihas Lust

Posted on: January 31st, 2015 by Rex 15 Comments

Requested by Hida

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  1. Colby says:

    TAYUYA! Hell to the YES!

  2. just-a-woman says:

    oh Tayuya, you are a lucky bitch

  3. Silence says:

    Hot!! Awesome job Rex!

  4. Zabraxas says:

    Love Tayuya, moar of her getting ruffucked plz :)

  5. Loliko678 says:

    Ah Madara..
    Sakura would have suited him more IMO
    BUT great pic as always Rex!

  6. Joe Grizzly says:

    Tayuya looks delicious, congratulations are in order

  7. xwq9090 says:

    How to look at the picture

  8. Zero says:

    Lol Tayuya be like “fuck that, let’s do it doggy style- I ain’t starin at that weird ass face on your chest” haha

  9. Tsukichan says:

    More Madara hentai pictures please !

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    Seems like the Hashirama’s face is also enjoying the sex. LOL, hahah, nice one rex.

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