Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by Rex 9 Comments
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  1. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Went on a little drawing spree hmm

  2. Celto says:

    We all know the polls are rigged as hell, and not only that, they delay the images by nearly a week at times, so why bother keeping them?

    That said, Kurenai is hot, but she has a Daughter as well. Wonder when her debut is gonna be.

    • lol543 says:

      Want some butthurt cream?

      • Celto says:

        Butthurt about what exactly?

        This is precisely why I wouldn’t get a membership, because even when they propose a system that will “Balance” out the influx of requests, it still fails to do the job.

        You do realize that if someone votes using their PC, they can go on their iPad or iPhone and vote again, and by clearing their cookies and cache, they can continue to keep voting over and over again. Some people are doing this just so a request that they prefer overtakes the previous one that was in the lead.

        If they can’t even manage to make these polls legitimate, then what’s the point of them in the first place.

        • skeetle says:

          I agree with what you’re saying, and I also think the polls should at least be visible to the non members. But then again comes the voting part and what you mentioned. Some admin here needs to look it up.

  3. Zeref Sama says:

    Please more arts footjob done by rex!

  4. Jear says:

    Amazing pose, I would destroy that sexy ass.

  5. OhMyGod says:

    Rex make a new footjob please !

  6. Amaterasu user says:

    Her right leg is too sharp drawn and should have been rounder. I know she is bending her leg, but that’s exaggerating. In addition her right wrist is also very weird drawn. I mean from that point when her arm bend we should have seen her hand, shouldn’t we? :/

    Anyways, overall it’s a great drawing. good work. ;)

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