Posted on: January 14th, 2015 by Rex 17 Comments
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Requested by Klawww

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  1. Core says:

    awesome pic hot expression ,actual proportions and breast size.

  2. Smonkey says:

    W/ barefoot and this would be a masterpiece.

  3. julia34 says:

    Sexy pic! This is hardcore! Would be cool Naruto sennin mode with Shiho licking his balls and fingering! “Feeling Senjutsu Energy”

  4. Westes says:

    Headband logo is missing again, rex.
    I hope you don’t take me as too nit picky, but perhaps it would help to create a check list.

    Maybe something like (these are all I could think of):

    Headband logo – check

    Eyes – check

    Tattoos – check

    Nail polish/makeup – check

    Accessories – check

    Not misplacing something to the left/right and just in general – check

    Giving tongue some depth(not monotone color) – check

    If mouth is (wide) open, give the inside some depth(?) – check

    Anus color (although maybe some people don’t have that) – check

    Missing lineart lines? (I remember some lines are missing on Ameyuri Ringo’s hair in my “Clash Of Swords” request. It would be awesome if you could take a little of your time to make a small edit.) – check

    If request, anything else? – check

    BTW, I am very pleased with how you drew Sakura’s eyes.
    So detailed :)

    • JS says:

      holy shit dude, do you work for the holy inquisition or something? Your obsession for details is out of scale

      • Westes says:

        I just care about these things.

        If it was you who requested this, would you just let a very noticeable detail like a missing logo slide?

        This is rex and Darwin’s job, I’m just trying to help them.
        And rex still hasn’t fixed this.

        So, he either hasn’t read my comment, is too busy, or just ignored it.

        Either way, I am slightly disappointed, but overall pleased.

        • Amaterasu user says:

          couldn’t agree more, bro. Missing the logo of Konoha is pretty obvious and should be seen whether you are a nitpicker or not. :)

  5. Fangbang says:

    Amazing picture ,great idea.

  6. Isaro says:

    Thanks so much Rex! I know i’m in the minority, but I love that her Sandals are still on!

  7. I just love Sakura with small nipples :) as a matter of fact I love Sakura’s small petite creamy white body!

  8. 56541Sakura says:

    I would like to see Madara fucking Sakura anal “You are too week”

  9. o.o says:


  10. Squall says:

    Wow that image is breathtaking Sakura looks so hot thumbs up for the artist you pull a hell of job on this keep up the great work and thank you for that image

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