Mei-rry Christmas

Posted on: December 24th, 2014 by Darwin 29 Comments

Requested by Hohoho

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  1. Expand Dong says:

    Already a one star. Jesus christ

  2. feawfa says:

    Lucky Sasuke.
    I want to suck those huge tits too,
    and grab that sexy ass

  3. uzumaki-kum says:

    Por favor faça um do madara

  4. ninja says:

    9/10 only because sasuke-mei pairing is everywhere.

  5. letifer says:

    I think you did an excellent job on her face and specifically her eyes. Her right ass cheek looks a bit bigger then her left. The hats a nice touch

  6. Anonymous says:

    Those puns tho.

  7. waokdajaw says:

    My favorite pic

    That ass, those tits
    I wanna suck those tits and grab that ass too!
    Lucky sasuke

  8. Emerson says:

    Omg delícia
    Mizukage gostosa boa sasuke

  9. nasfsf says:

    Mei is so sexy… more pls!

  10. dante92 says:

    excellent pic for next pic would like naruto x kushina anal sex

  11. rkoprre says:

    Mei is so hot and nice but Sasuke ruined the pic

    • naruhinawfulove says:

      yes but sasuke is the only character she admitted was hot. (thou i think, she said most uchihas were hot) only reasonable she would fuck him in other circumstances.

  12. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Hating a nicely drawn picture because it has ONE thing you don’t like

  13. jupmod says:

    Despite Sasuke in the scene, I think Mei looks quite hot, as she always does, this sexy Mizukage. :)

  14. zetsu says:

    shikamaru x hinata please!

  15. MinervaRules says:

    This guy request’s is new, why do you guys keep taking the new ones and ignoring the other members requests that are older as they mean nothing…i understand it were christmas but we are all the same members paying the same price, why there are so much difference between the members on narutopixxx? It’s sad…you guys really need maintain better the requests.

    We are just asking nothing but our requests done darwin and rex :( .

    • Bloodseeker says:

      Welcome to the real Narutopixxx !
      The such “fair” selection of the member’s requests going on here for a very long time, some members must wait over year while other must wait only one week or two but all the members paying the same price.

  16. rex-and-mei-is-best says:

    Can someone please request this? Mei and Gaara, girl on top. Mei has a blue night gown on, but her ass and back are exposed. Both Mei and Gaara have their nail polish on. Mei is leaning in for a kiss with her Mizukage hat on and Garra does as well with the support of his elbows. Mei’s knees must be on either side of Gaaras legs, while her feet are between his legs. Mei’s ass should be substantial, her feet should be realistic (sexy) and the angle of the picture should resemble “Taming Temari’s Lust”. The Title should be “Before She Resigns” THANKS REX I appreciate it.

  17. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Lol Rex Darwin…I know y’all read the comment sections here. Can I just ask what do y’all think about these…bitches on here. I know y’all laugh at the crying and nitpicking

  18. Magus says:

    SasuMei is hot !! Great job Darwin!

    And yes, my comment will be disliked by various trolls and haters, but who cares?

    That does not change the fact that Sasuke is the best character of the series.

  19. Amaterasu user says:

    Merry 5-month later christmas guys. ahahah

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