Dreaming About Neji

Posted on: December 18th, 2014 by Darwin 15 Comments

Requested by Zeken

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  1. Whoa Tenten has always been so beautiful and my number one but damn, this pixxx is soo sexy and shows off your gorgeous body! Thank you Darwin for an awesome pixxx.

  2. Jear says:

    Amazing pic (10/10) Again my lovely Tenten in action *♡*

  3. Silence says:

    This is awesome!! Great job Darwin!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tenten’s skin is a bit lighter.
    Good scene though!

  5. mandylok says:

    My oh my this is sexy i would like to dream about neji too

  6. Allukard says:

    She dreaming about Neji ? Oh fuck come on !!!
    I Didn’t saw any one tear over dead Neji’s body from her and on his Funeral too
    Every girl in this manga always crying like a little girl over dead body her lovers every fucking one – Sakura Tsunade Konan Kurenai Yugao but only Tenten didn’t Also the only one persone who did mentioned about Neji in the epilogue was Hinata while Tenten cares only about her weapons as always
    Jeezy even any girls when broke a nail are showing more emotions than Tenten did about Neji’s death This girl haven’t any kind of feelings to Neji
    NejiTen is the only one couple that really have no sense have no love

  7. Defuck says:

    Mature Tenten looks really pretty but I still looking forward for “The Last” Tenten

  8. Xxxxxx says:

    This is gone be one of my favorite pics nice job :3

  9. jupmod says:

    Even though I do not like Tenten’s hairstyle (from Chapter 700), I like how she is display with that expression, etc. Nice. :)

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    I like that you have drawn her with biting her lower lip. very good job darwin. :)

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