Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by Rex 43 Comments
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  1. Xeos says:

    You forgot the diamond on her forehead.

  2. JS says:

    And the prize for the worst pairing ever goes to

  3. Paul says:

    her legs are too thin :( she looks anorexic

  4. Fackunator says:

    And this is the begin of how Sarada was born

  5. Core says:

    ah, SakuSasu best the best canon pairing.

  6. €₩ says:

    The useless again.

  7. Hihiro says:

    Worst pairing on the planet, and not because of Sasuke either.

    • Amaterasu user says:

      come on it were obvious they were meant together when sakura rejected naruto so many times. I mean if you had been Kishi who would you pair those two ups with`???? Naruto?? Impossible because Sakura doesn’t love naruto back. ^^

  8. vexia says:

    WOW i like it, sakura new version….
    please sometime make this sakura get penetrate on her pussy by naruto

  9. sasusaku says:

    So funny looking at the haters crying in the comments,they cant accept the truth that sasusaku is cannon

  10. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Nice. Good to see some cannon couples once in a while

  11. annonymous says:

    Include an aged up sarada

  12. Joe says:

    Funny, Before Sakura paired with any other guy was not based with Sasuke also, but since it’s Sasuke presence himself that gets scorn with girls especially Sakura(especially now that it’s Cannon) SasuSaku is more a salty magnet to haters than any other pairing from Naruto.

  13. Joe says:

    So this is where all the Sasuke pairing haters come and gather.

  14. ¿? says:

    Sakura will be the new Hinata (-4 stars) or Konan (-3 stars)

  15. Westes says:


    Please tell me, then.

    How should it have ended? What would have made you happy?

    And stop with this “forced” bullshit.

    Just because NaruHina fanatics would have done the same, DOES NOT justify what NaruSaku fanatics are doing now.

    “NaruHina is such a forced pairing. Which is why we have to send death threats to Kishimoto and sign a petition to change the ending”.

    Are you serious with this crap?

  16. Lmao says:

    People are so dumb. Naruhina was soooo obvi from like day 1 so sasusaku had to happen or they’d both be alone.

  17. Amaterasu user says:

    Small tits to the end. LOL

    Anyways, for those who wonder about her diamond on her forehead, I think it’s hidden behind her hair. ^^

  18. Amaterasu user says:

    but still I agree a part of the blue diamond should be there. you have also forgot the konoha mark on her headband protector.

    but otherwise very nice pic .:)

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