Posted on: December 16th, 2014 by Darwin 39 Comments
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Requested by Ortodox  

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  1. Westes says:

    I’m gonna leave this here:

    “We have the War Veteran Generation and the Baby-boom Generation. This generation is turning into Generation BITCH, because that’s what we do. We bitch about stuff we don’t like online.”

    Shipping fanatics make me ashamed of being a NaruHina fan…
    ‘Cause let’s face it.

    If it was a NaruSaku ending, NaruHina fanatics would most likely have done the same thing as shown in the video.

    That aside, the pic is freakin’ hot!

    • WhiteVastNinja says:

      First of are so late with that petition. Forneverworld already did a video on it like a week after the manga ended. Next yeah it’s sad that even this site is over run by retarded shippers and just low life social reject dickheads anyway…nothing new.

      • Westes says:

        Well, better late than never, I guess.

        I just wanted to inform those who didn’t know about this and the Twitter assualt.
        I also want to advice you to watch your tone when commenting.

        Trust me, I share your feelings, but I think you’re coming off as a hostile person most of the time. It’s uncomfortable, really.

        I hope you understand it isn’t meant in ill will.


      • Seriously? says:

        first of all you’re an ass

        • WhiteVastNinja says:

          Funny how everyone gets mad at me for telling the truth and it’s also funny how yall DONT SEE how these assholes on here act. Darwin or Rex make ONE MISTAKE AND YALL GET SO FUCKING MADE OR IF THEY DRAW A CHACTER YOU DONT LIKE HINATA HERE COME THE SLUT COMMENTS OR ANY BLACK CHACTERS HERE COME THE RACIST COMMENTS BUT IM THE ASS…REALLY FUCK OUT OF HERE yall are just made cuz someone is FINALLY calling you out on you BULLSHIT and you can TAKE IT. But hey that’s history…the guy that actually use his head and common sense is ALWAYS HATED but whatever I’m preaching to dumbass so…

    • JulCan1987 says:

      I agree with Westes, NaruHina fans were the worst during the whole NaruSaku vs. NaruHina pairing wars. If the NaruSaku fans did this, who knows what the NaruHina fans would have done.

    • Expand Dong says:

      Shut up and fap.

    • Stallinn says:

      @ Westes and JulCan1987: if you wanna talk which fandom is the worst than just check this site and you’ll see that every positive comments for NH and SS are always under attack and low rated while negative post for those couples couples are always high rated as every positive comments for NS
      Also all positive opinions for Sasuke and Hinata (the two most hated characters among NS fandom) always get a very low rating while bashing for those characters always very appreciated and these things going on here for awhile and not only here.
      So I must say I don’t knows what the NaruHina and SasuSaku fans would have done but I’m Perfectly know what NaruSaku fans constantly did when and keep doing it when they have deal with opposite pairings and I clearly see who is the worst and most disrespectful fandom are

  2. nowayout says:

    holy shit , this is so awesome !

  3. Amagush says:

    Sexy Pic <3

    Make Hentai Picture with the new Naruto Conception.

  4. Fackunator says:

    Later on that christmas, Hinata would have some of that Naruto-kun’s sweet candy cane lmao

  5. Zenith says:

    Wow, this shading makes the pic way hotter.

  6. Ortodox says:

    Finally SakuHina ! Actually this is the first SH pic from Npixxx in 2014 Thanks Darwin

    Hopefully in the next year they will be meeting much more often here especially after “The Last” movie where they are had a lot time together as good friends

  7. waw says:

    OMFG I want to suck those tits too
    WOW hell they are large

  8. somwguy234 says:

    Hinata best girl.

  9. WTF IS THIS DARWIN?? Ugly pic

  10. Westes says:

    Also, the fact that these guys, not only want, but DEMAND an alternate ending, is a violation to one of the main morals in Naruto; dealing with reality and move on.

    I know it sucks for NaruSaku fans, but romance was never a main plot device in Naruto.

    Shipping fans should consider themselves lucky that Kishimoto even bothered to include romance in the series, even though it didn’t happen until the very end.

    If romance is so important to these guys, they should just go and find a boy/girlfriend. If they already have one, they should just go and spend time with their lover and leave Naruto and Kishimoto alone.

    Just because things didn’t go your way is NO EXCUSE to verbally assualt Kishimoto and those who support another shipping.

    “This isn’t just Kishi’s story, it’s also ours. He should listen to our feelings.”
    Aw, cut the crap! He can’t please everyone! Besides, you read this story FOR FREE!

    This is Naruto’s story, and Kishi stuck to it!
    Naruto saved Sasuke, became hokage and is currently bringing peace to the world. Main goal reached!

    Kishi worked hard on this series for 15 years, and all you care about is the romance? I say Naruto isn’t for you, then.

    If you still cannot accept this, then just go and drown yourself in Mugen Tsukuyomi.
    Or better yet, write fan-fics. Some people do it, so why shouldn’t you if you want to?

    Another funny thing is, at least here, crack/fan/original pairings are loved, which is okay. But why are people being harassed for liking and requesting “main” pairings like NaruHina, SasuSaku and NaruSaku? Complaining also has it’s limits. Stop sounding like a crybaby!

    “You’re a Hinafag”. No, we’re simply fans of Hinata. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And some people just sound butthurt.

    Zarak from “Dragon’s Mouth 2″ says (and this is just an example out of many):

    “This pairing even makes more sense that the “majority” fanservice forced pairing we got in the lackluster ending we got, and is even more hotter…keep kicking ass Rex :D

    Makes more sense, huh? It’s great that you enjoy Naruto X Ryuuzetsu, but… it makes more sense than NaruHina, SasuSaku and the other pairings?

    Ryuuzetsu is a girl from a non-cannonical movie! How the hell does it make more sense?! You should have just stuck to your opinion that it’s hotter and ended it there!

    Saying it makes more sense just makes you sound butthurt and delusional, because “makes more sense” is a claim, not a mere opinion! Maybe you didn’t mean it like that, Zarak, but watch what you write.

    It just makes me so sad that a legendary series like Naruto can have a fanbase containing so many ignorant assholes!

    It bothers me because I might actually meet people like them. And I don’t want to be grouped together with them just because we’re from the same fanbase.

    Some people speculate about what a true Naruto fan is. These guys, for sure, ARE NOT Naruto fans at all.

    “Becoming stronger, support your friends and achieve your dreams? Screw that! I just wanna see who Naruto is going to fuck.”

    Just get out!

    People like them need to grow up, or at the very least, not breed. I would feel bad for the kids, and they might gorw up to become assholes like their parents.

    Going a bit off topic here, but remember how much shit Darwin got for drawing a REQUESTED naked Neji? It just strenghtens the case that homophobe = asshole.

    So it is not just Kishi, but rex and Darwin who work hard to bring us the erotic side of Naruto get shit on just because they didn’t grant Mr. Freeloader’s wishes.

    Again. Is it hot and you don’t have money for ice cream? Have some water instead and stop crying. You’ll get cooled down either way!
    Some places in the world it’s hard to even get clean water. What’s your excuse?

    Dislike whatever you want, but do not attack and insult others with a different opinion.

    And I still think the thumb-down button gives these guys to much power. They just hide comments that they don’t like and modify the comment section to their liking.

    Yes, I am mad. So don’t even bother asking “U mad?”.
    I mean, just look at how much I have written again.

    • JS says:

      I lost it at “a legendary series like Naruto”
      you’re so full of shit

      • Westes says:

        I respect your opinion.

        But I do not respect you insulting people.

        • Amaterasu user says:

          Bro, there is no point in writing these long post. i know your feeling, but it doesn’t help. these haters/trollers will never learn whatever we do/write. It’s very sad that good and comment with very much sense get hidden by downvoting from trollers. -.-

          I completely agree with what ya say. I also think it would be best to remove the voting system. It’s just getting used in a wrong way and as you say give trollers much more power. Imo, the comment section should stay as it is, so I can give my opinions ofc :3, but I think the voting system should be removed or just available for members. :)

  11. Ana says:

    sasuke x karin please :)

  12. GameFreak667 says:

    Is it me, or Sakura’s boobs grew while Hinata’s stayed the same?

  13. Zenith says:

    I wonder the reason of so many dislikes is because of the shipping. Come on guys, you don’t need to dislike just because isn’t your favorite couple. Grow some balls.

  14. The Colonel Ksv says:


  15. Ana says:

    if the men hate homosexuality then delete all the lesbian’s pics because it’s homosexuality
    if lots of images of nude women are published then lots of images of nude men should be published too
    if men likes to see nude women and yuri porn… why women can´t likes to see naked men and yaoi porn?
    men always are thinking about themselves and they NEVER think that women likes porn
    but the truth is… women watch porn and hentai just like men do

    equality for men and women \(°-°)

  16. wat says:

    Would anyone explain to me what is wrong with this pic ?
    it looks nice, why does everybody hate it ?
    And before you spam disliking, Just answer please I am curious

    Huge tits, nice feet, sexy clothes, what’s wrong ?

    • Amaterasu user says:

      just the characters probably. -.- those two are the most hated here on narutopixxx. half of the spammers hate sakura and the other hate hinata. ^^

      you can draw the most beautiful masterpiece, but as long it’s character that are hated, then it will be a lot of hating/spamming.

  17. nope says:

    Dammit Darwin we need some more pussy’s and boobs to show of.

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