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Requested by nejilover I don't know what's weirder, the gender bend requests or this stripped male which could be a wish from a girl or from a gay. Whatever, but good luck with this one.    

141 Responses

  1. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Darwin…lol(grabs popcorn and drink for comment section)

  2. TitsFTW says:

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight.
    Don’t ever do this to us again.

  3. jimmay says:

    can u not have gender bend. its quite weird to see that. thanks!

  4. Froi Malinao says:


  5. Nurman26 says:

    where the pics ?
    Not in here

  6. Groot says:


  7. KiraGio says:

    I mean, why not a male every once in a while? It’s great!

  8. ee says:

    wtf I thought this was a straight, or atleast a straight-male site…?

  9. Westes says:

    Good guy Darwin – drawing for sexuality and gender(bend) equality.

    No homo (although I find yuri hot), but let’s be real here.
    If they start to draw yaoi, chances are they will attract more females and homosexual men customers.

    Should it happen, I ask you to please make another section on this site for yaoi.
    Maybe add a “yaoi” button under the banner.

    The real question is, are rex and Darwin even COMFORTABLE drawing yaoi?

  10. SSLawless says:

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!, it’s the second time after the itachi-kisam request, this isn’t some gay-ass fucking site. please make a proper request next time.

  11. Shussy says:

    Holy crap!!! First male solo pic on Naruto Pixxx EVER!! That’s a pretty big milestone, hopefully we’ll see some more!

  12. shinigami says:

    Stick with the girls, seriously. Who do you think comes to this site?

  13. mabinogier says:

    what the fuck

  14. tina says:

    sexy neji can you please do kiba or shikamaru

  15. SSLawless says:

    for god sake, please remove the picture

  16. -.- says:

    Seriously ?

  17. No girl? says:

    No girl? what kind of madness is this.

  18. pearl says:

    as a girl who comes to this site a lot, i have to say its great to see a stripped for a guy character. i’m definitely going to have “fun” to this one.

  19. tsukutarasu says:

    I thought yaoi wasn’t aloud on this site.

  20. GodOfGays says:

    Hope to see more! ^^

  21. sensei says:

    Write a naked naruto, please!

  22. julia34 says:

    This is for the woman fans of, yet I prefer Naruto or Kiba! kkkk

  23. waffle_lover says:

    i just flew off my chair looking at this pic. with the biggest wtf is this sht. i wouldnt even do a request like this at all. this man needs church in his life

  24. random69 says:

    What the actual fuck?

  25. Hydrogen says:

    That one caught me totally off guard. Still good pic, though I’m clearly not targeted audience for this one. Made me really laugh.
    I’m actually quite surprised this isn’t voted down to 1 star yet, but well. Let the butthurt of those people who can’t deal with that begin.

  26. eminwhy says:

    Nejilover you own us some explications.

  27. Silence says:

    Okay, WOW. As a dedicated female member of this site for two plus years, there’s finally a solo male pixxx. Holy shit. Thank you a thousand times for whoever requested this and thank you to Darwin for drawing this. This is great!

  28. Name? says:

    I want to go on record saying that you have opened the floodgates for everyone gay or girl to do this. But as a pixxx it’s not bad and no one they all had to be straight pixxx.

  29. Kiddo says:

    Look this site shouldn’t have any gay shit on here.
    Why not hentaikey create a gay pixxx site for gay requests to be added there?
    I don’t want to see gay shit like this here. Darwin, seriously? WTF…!?
    You should have known better than to post this shit here.

  30. mladen says:

    OMG,who the hell asked this ugly thing….

  31. No to Gay Hentai on Narutopixxx says:

    The larger majority of us will be largely turned off if we continue to see solo pictures like this.

    If these sorts of pictures continue, eventually it may end up for there to be male on male, which (with no intended homophobia), will be a mis-step in the direction for this website.
    There was a reason why this is the first, and I largely hope this is the last.
    I do not mean to offend, however, as this site is likely dominated by straight males such as myself, the appropriate pictures should reflect its fanbase.

    • Shussy says:

      You are right, a lot of people will be turned off by this pic, but that doesn’t really matter because it wasn’t your request.
      And that’s the problem, it’s because this site is predominately lonely straight guys that it cators to mainly them and because so, girls and gay/bi guys are excluded.
      Which doesn’t make any sense, because they could make SO much more money and would probably be able to fix the sites and get more artists to supply the increased fans, which would make everything better overall.
      I don’t mind yuri or solo chicks, but it’s pretty stupid how they can draw guys and tons of dicks for hentai and have it be okay, but you can’t request solo guys or yaoi because of biased artists and cause it’ll piss off all the guys? HA! Someone else paid and waited for this, so that sucks if you don’t like it.I really hope there’s more requests like this that actually get done! Should’ve happened long ago! Thank you for being open minded Darwin, hopefully you’ll branch out and do some more :)

  32. Soul says:

    Soooooo beautiful, we need more!

  33. Lexus1Fan says:

    Lol like Darwin said may be a gay or a girl. There are a few girls who likes hentai too, even draw i know a chick who draws on a site she done a couple commission for me btw…

    Darwin i still have a request for you here mate, as i know the things here on naruto are a little troublesome i can pay you a commission for my request. You can email me on for details.

    I have 2 artists from pixxx who does commission for me, easier than wait MONTHS/YEARS for a request…

  34. Hmmmmmmmm says:


  35. mladen e gei says:

    `please dont go all shadbase on narutopixxx.

  36. nemunemunemu says:

    NO, just NO.

  37. Thunder says:

    Are you kidding me? What the hell is this? I remember time when Rex said that hentaikey forbid him to do any gay, beastiality, and tentacles things and here we are with this crap…

    • sayian says:

      think it started ever since that akumaru x hinata human/dog sex pixxx years ago. so blame that hinatard for breaking the rules.

    • Shussy says:

      For starters, it’s technically NOT gay, it’s solo male. I’m not surprised at the reactions here, but it’s still sad that everybody makes a huge fuss over a single picture. Oh well. There’s MORE THAN A THOUSAND pictures here, and there’s never been one single male or gay pic whatsoever. Damn the salt is real haha
      Hope to see more!! <3

    • Aron1003 says:


      • night42 says:

        Just a question: What is the problem with tentacles? I mean, I get that Lolli is wrong, yaoi is not accepted cuz we all want to see tits and pussy, beastiality is just grost and i even dont know what’s guru, but what about tent? im not a fan but i dont see a problem with it

  38. Nars says:

    That moment where you realise that naked Neji is more rated than all of Konan pics :p

    • Bloodseeker says:

      That moment where you realise that Darwin are draw dicks better than pussies

      It’s so funny and ironic Darwin able to be draw solo for males and tranny hentai but draw any pic for Hinata’s mother is impossible for him

      • night42 says:

        Maybe Darwin draws dicks better than pussies, cuz he looks down and have an example to follow! hehehe

        But really… a guy come here to look for new pixxx and the first one that he sees is this!! WTF

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Yeah. maybe before, but not anymore. LOL

  39. trt1 says:

    what the fuck is this shit -_-

  40. Jacketguy says:

    Can everyone calm down? It’s one pic of a single male character, how old are (most of)you, five? For everyone calling it gay, technically it’s not since its just a solo pic, otherwise the marble statue ‘David’ is gay. Even if it was gay, so? No need to flip your shit, acknowledge it and move on, it’s not the 20th century anymore. Jeez.

  41. pissed says:

    Holy shit stop whining. The first gay pic ever around here and everybody looses their minds. Nejilover paid for the membership and did his/her request end of story.

  42. pissedninja says:

    Holy shit stop whining. The first gay pic ever around here and everybody looses their minds. Nejilover paid for the membership and did his/her request end of story.

  43. Johny says:

    What the fuck just happened here

  44. SomePeople says:

    Why…why did you requested this… There is a lot of girl in Naruto you know..

  45. Ryuzaki_kun says:

    please don’t do this again lord Darwin :(

  46. Ryuzaki_kun says:

    please don’t do this again lord Darwin

  47. Ryuzaki_kun says:

    please don’t do this again lord Darwin NO MORE.

  48. Xeos says:

    I’m aware that these Pixxx sites have quite a few female members but this needs to stop right here right now before it takes off into something that will open the floodgates for a major shitstorm every time a guy image is posted.

    Just NO.

  49. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Ok on the next Naruko Pixxx(girl Naruto)I better see all yall mad just like yall are here and on that Itachi and Kisame picture. Yall are some HYPOCRITE FRAUDS. You hate any other gay picture but when it’s Naruto yall love it…exposed over 9000

  50. Edo says:

    Why the hell are people calling this ‘gay?’ Gay is two men engaged in sexual activities or anything related and usually meant for a male audience. Obviously, both sexes, although the majority are male, are members of this site. One solo male picture does not immediately mean it’s gay. The requester could be either gender but the picture itself does not qualify as gay unless there are two males in it or it is intended for a male audience who prefer that sort of thing.
    Honestly, you all are fucking dense.

  51. spaceman says:

    I was just starting to like your art again Darwin, then I see this. Seriously what the fuck. Why would you lose your majority of fans for a coupled girl’s or gays. Not trying to hate, but that was a bad move

  52. Narok says:

    I loled So HARD Right Now just reading The Comment Section.
    C’mon People its Just A DICK! xD Every one of you have one in your pants. dont get so freak out. Anyways nicely done darwin (you son of a…xD)

  53. NDAS says:

    Where is the yaoi part many talk about? I don’t see him having sex with other male character?
    Hmmmmm, wait, I believe, I understand what happen here, we need to aply moronic logic here, right?

    Being naked, means be Gay?

    So… when when you people are naked (before have sex with a woman) or take a shower, for a some weird reason, that turn you into a gay person. LOL XD

    WEIRD PIC XD. I’ll past this pic (Sorry, I’m not into this).
    Enjoy it fangirls and… gays fans? O__o XD

    IT’S REALLY FUN see so many homofobic comments over a WEIRD REQUEST that Darwin fullfile.

  54. dumbshit says:

    great!! omg!! the posing is a little awkward but i love it!!
    do a naruto one as well as a sasuke one too :D

  55. tsuyahori says:

    Stop being whiney arseholes. Yes, girls are a minority on this site, but it’s nice to see something delivered for us (I believe), too, for once.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  56. Nejilover says:

    Thank you so much ^^

    P.S.:For everyone who is complaining and speculating about me,I’m a girl,not a gay guy -.-

    • Shussy says:

      Thank you for the request!! THE FIRST SOLO MALE PIC IS HERE!!! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this day finally come <3
      I hope you and more people will start making requests like this or we get a weekly stripped series for the guys! It'd definitely attract more females to the site! :)

  57. I'm Just a Girl says:

    There are many girls who follow narutopixx, some nice guy makes us like it too = P

    (but please do not gay images, only nudity )

  58. Mika says:

    All of you people saying it’s yaoi or gay…you’re all dumbasses. Yaoi is two guys fucking. Just because you’re a guy and this does not make it yaoi. There ARE female fans of this site you know, and you don’t see any of us bitching about all the naked females. So shut the fuck up and let us females enjoy a treat now and then you misogynistic pigs. I am so sick of seeing all you males complain, you get more fan service than us females. Seriously. Calm your dicks.

    • Lexxxy says:

      Really? This comments proves you are no better than the people you are complaining about. Misogynistic pigs?? Seriously? Did you come from Tumblr or something? Do you know what misogyny means? Stop with your bullshit. How are some men, major emphasis on the “some”, complaining about naked men= hatred of women? Use some fucking logic you idiot. Some idiots think this is nasty. So what? let them have their opinions. If you like it good for you but dont go around and start crying misogyny because it is clear you dont know what it means.

    • Mayushii says:

      Misogynistic?whoa there, now you really need to watch your mouth here.
      Misogynistic would be if I would say you have no opinion or no rights as a Human Being.
      Nobody here is hating Woman or robbing your fucking rights just cause of being a different sex.
      So stop spouting bullshit, it’s one thing to complain about people being assholes here over a fucking Image like this, but accusing people of being Mysoginistic Pigs is a whole other thing.
      Did you fucking get that?And before you call ME out of being a Mysoginist, I’m telling you this cause of how you fucking responded with this Alpha Feminist Insult.

    • kennysama says:

      Welp, i love the smell of retards in the morning. The entire comments section seems to be a typical day in the life of a narutopixxx regular. Mika is right, read the fine print people:
      Yaoi is a Japanese term for two boys love/kissing/fucking.
      Gay is a western term for two (usually)boys fucking.
      A gay pic does not, a nude neji make.
      If you truly are not (closeted)gay, this whole neji stuff would just slide off you like water, plus, it could make a good present for your babe if she’s mad at you. She’ll get to fangirl over her lovely fictional character and you don’t get the doghouse.

  59. MadafakaMan says:

    A Gay Pict on Narutopixxx?

    This world is going to the end…

  60. Mjolnir says:

    WTF is this ???? !!!!!!

    Someone PLEASE BURN THIS PIC !!!!!!!!

  61. vvvvvv says:

    I wouldn’t mind if HentaiKey started a new gay site. Could be called YaoiPixxx. There’s a lot of good looking hunks in Naruto, Bleach and One Piece that I’d definitely like to see fucking each other.

  62. Tsunami says:

    Awesome! Stripped Sasuke coming soon s2

    • Westes says:

      I might request. I just might request it.

      I know I shouldn’t find this funny, but it is so amusing to see these guys act so insecure about their masculinity.

  63. Logic says:

    sooo seing a dick cumming all over a face is fine…but when its by itself you draw the line? who gives a shit, some people like guys and some like girls. Imagine what if you were a girl seeing all this “nasty” lesbian art. Common guys we are adults here.

  64. NKTKM says:


    i strongly thinks this is in the yaoi category

  65. someguy7745 says:

    AAARRRGGHHH!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!

    NO MORE male nudity please.

  66. Holy Shit, I won’t be able to be able to get a boner for a week.

    Nejilover I wish erectile disfunction on you. And I’m glad Obito killed him.

  67. kaguya pixxx says:

    I want to see kaguya spreading her cheeks in a pixxx

  68. Cassie says:

    Totally approve of this! =D

  69. KarinHater says:

    About time we have stripped male!
    I’m a female,so no-homo xD.
    Nice one Darwin!

  70. Shussy says:

    Hahaha these comments are funny! Guys are such pussies!! if you’re so scared of seeing a dick, maybe ya’ll shouldn’t have one in the first place ;)
    And people really think Darwin is gonna lose “fans?” HA! I guarantee those fans will just end up checking for updates after an hour.

  71. Seriously? says:

    so, that means Akabaru is back in the fray?

  72. Kakashi says:

    A stripped Kakashi is my biggest Christmas wish :(

  73. o.o says:

    What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen…

  74. Pervert says:

    Do as equal the porno sites (youporn etc.), do not mix products involving only men with conventional, create an yaoipixxx or nudemalepixxx or lemonpixxx or something, aimed to women, gays and others who like that sort of thing.

  75. GW says:

    Good Job Darwin, you just opened the Gate for countless Fujoshi, also known as the pest of the Anime/Manga Fandom.
    That’s why no guy wants to see such Images here.
    Cause this only attracts Fujo’s which gonna demand guy on guy Pixx.Nothing wrong with that, I’m tolerant but anyone who’s seen what Fujo’s are like knows what scumbags they can be.

    If this backfires, you only have to blame yourself for lighting the spark.
    Again, I don’t care about Yaoi (I know this isn’t), or solo guy Pixx, to each his own.However, if they arrive here cause of this, you know this site will be done for.

  76. Xetalon says:

    If some are against male nudity, then they should act the same way toward female nudity.

  77. LoganX23 says:

    I don’t like at all Yaoi !

    I prefer to see this in Sexy Jutsu!

  78. LoganX23 says:

    I don’t like at all Yaoi (I’m not homophobic) !
    I prefer to see this in Sexy Jutsu !

  79. Girlycard says:

    OMG!!! I love this!! neji is sooo sexy!! Please also can make a Kakashi or Gaara? plssss

  80. YO says:

    Seriously, everyone here has to look at the nude guys in every other pic. This isn’t a big deal. I was going to suggest a sub-section in the blog or pop-up entries if it’ll spare complaints, but on reflection, that’s pretty damn insulting to the les/gay/bi community and female reader(watcher?)ship.

  81. lula says:

    stripped Kakashi is my biggest wish :(

  82. itami says:

    WOW OMG, I can’t believe all the male members on Narutopixxx are a bunch of stupid and hypocrite ignorants. So what if the requester requested something like this? She/he paid for the membership, PAID, not FREE you damned homophobe assholes! And don’t make me laugh, is this what you’d consider “gay”? Congrats on your karma level of stupidity. Next time you go naked attempting to have sex with a girl, please consider yourself as a gay, hey, why not? Males are strictly prohibited to be naked according to you stupid assholes.

    On topic:
    Thank you so much for this lovely piece Darwin. Finally, we, female members get served. Really appreciate it, and thank you so much Nejilover!

  83. WhiteVastNinja says:

    To all the males bitching about this and saying no to gay pictures…how about no more lesbians picture because that’s also gay right. Why is it ok for girls to have gay pictures and not guys hmm answer me that and this is coming for a straight male for you hypocrite dipshits try to call me gay but whatever you dickheads are still going to anyway. I’m not for gay picture or…yaoi is it…but if yuri is ok then why not yaoi. I’m all about fairness and equal rights. If men can request gay girls on here then women should have the same fucking rights to request male pictures #blowmehypocritdickheads

  84. Narutopexxx says:


  85. Ana says:

    you should draw a Sasuke image like this, but with a hard cock *o*

  86. I'm Just a Girl says:

    the girls are getting wild at the sight of the naked Neji :D

  87. Narugal says:

    How about some Stripped Naruto Uzumaki?
    Also thanks for making this <3

  88. rashiida says:

    neji is so hot here…yes im a female and this pic give me the vibe ..its nice that us females are recieving a treat once in a while on this site,because judging by the comments we are discriminated by the spoiled hetero male brats

  89. Kat says:

    Holy fuck, I want this for Madara.
    We don’t get nearly enough Madara! Or Tobirama or Hashirama for that matter! Pls rex/Darwin.

  90. Any says:

    I think the same way that men are offended by looking at naked male characters, women should feel the same way seeing the naked female characters! I think posting such content, the female audience can increase the site (this is just a suggestion)

  91. nvruto says:

    Make one for Naruto PLSSSSS !!!!

  92. Kiba says:

    To be fair, if this is allowed then I think Akamaru and female characters should be welcomed too… :)

  93. I'm just a girl says:

    I thought….
    this is NARUTOPIXXX not NARUTOFEMALEPIXXX, so… can be drawn any character, male and female… then Neji naked, Kakashi naked ♥_♥, Itachi naked, etc….. just like Hinata, Konan, Ino, Tsunade etc
    if an user-female pays… why not be satisfied?!?

    p.s.: yaoi are drawings depicting two, or more, men in intimacy, a naked man … is just a naked man, not a yaoi or an image 4 gay
    (then, according to some, the girls who watch Narutopixxx’s pic are all lesbians ?!?!?) O_o …..don’t say nonsense, please…

  94. Nit says:

    Well this is all funny. LOL

  95. TsunadeGodaime says:

    after all, the site is called NarutoPixxx not NarutoFemalePixxx. I think there is nothing wrong to portray even the male characters .

    Personally, I would only stripped version, over the various pairs with the girls…
    no gay images, masturbation or other again)

  96. Hewag says:

    Wow this looks nice! I want a Stripped Kakashi too ! Thanks Darwin <3

  97. gurlyslüt says:

    You guys need to understand females, like me. When this pic came out, I was like OMFG to see this. The first male nude pic! Now if you guys hate nude men, then you should have skipped this pic.

  98. NVRUTO says:


  99. Blackgao says:

    i dont like see nude mans but the girls wants to see they charapters in a hot mode and that is ok

  100. Akasuna says:


  101. Akasuna says:


    • Lieutenant Colonel Horndog says:

      You’re missing the point, this site is targeted at a straight male demographic, and thats what the people coming to this sight are expecting. That should be obvious by how the focus is on woman, not the man. To back this up, look to the left of your screen…. now the right, do you see naked men? No? Well then there’s your answer.

      As for your Yuri comment, its a turn on for straight men, and yaoi is a turn off.

      I have nothing against homosexuality or Bisexuality, there are other sites you can go to for that and yaoi, but I and many others would rather not see this on this site. Maybe you should speak to HK about the possibility of a gay naruto pixx site.

  102. Ana says:

    such penis
    much haters
    very stupid men

  103. Let says:

    Stripped shikamaru please

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