Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by Rex 32 Comments
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Requested by dean

32 Responses

  1. Inkaten says:

    Oh… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Terumi is the BEST!

  2. Si-Chan says:

    My dreams come true!!!!!

  3. GoP says:

    Holy shit, this is too good.:O mei and anal nelson = WIN

  4. Westes says:

    I can’t help but notice her eye.

    Compared to earlier pics from both you and Darwin, it just doesn’t seem right.
    Hard to explain, it just seems too different.

    Otherwise, great pic. Anal looks so tight and hot!

  5. cheesecake says:

    one thing is for sure, when rex post, he delivers!!!! fucking amazing!!!

  6. zoro_scarlet says:


  7. Keshl says:

    Rex doing a new Mei Terumi pixxx, i can’t describe my feelings. Bravo.

  8. Loverboy says:

    Full Nelson FTW!!! The best position for anal there is!

  9. julia34 says:

    Really hot pic Rex! Mei is beautiful!! And this guy cock is delicious!!! Great job!!!!

  10. shiro says:

    is it such a problem to have less of this guy ass… and better fit mei’s soles on the pic ? i think its not that hard to add mei’s feet’s :D u will lose nothing and the guys dat love this weird fetish would have some bonus in their lives :D

    • Sexkage says:

      Just so you know, but many artists consider feet hard to draw. I’m sure Rex can do them, but it would take him more time.

  11. Truth says:

    Damn it Rex, stop with the crackers and their small dicks.

  12. Meruem says:

    Nice to see Mei again! But I couldn’t help but notice a couple of things that could have made this picture epic. If the picture was a little zoomed out, so we could see more of her limbs – both her feet in midair and more of her arms – that would have been great. And maybe if her breasts were squeezed together between her legs and hanging down in full display, it would have made this picture unforgettable.

  13. Kuchiki says:

    thats the raikage,they recolored him XD

  14. sergio says:

    Me encanto pero la quero ver con tsunade lesbianas porfis

  15. Reborn says:

    Darwin still an artist on Narutopixxx or he’s done with this site?

    • dr. who says:

      I sure hope so. I can’t stand his shitty drawings. Move him somewhere else.

    • Lavi says:

      If Darwin left Narutopixxx then Joe from Bleachpixxx has chance to become an artist here as he wanted It’s fucking impossible for one artist have deal with all these requests from members because Narutopixxx is the most popular pixxxsite while Bleachpixxx slowly dying; Manga go to end and no new anime-episodes for awhile

  16. Hello, About health, what’s the impact ? Thanks

  17. nice says:

    Hey body looks so smooth and yummy,the things I would do to her..

  18. martín says:

    I love your picture is a masterpiece continues haci
    You could do one of Mei and Tsunade in please and thanks

  19. NIce! says:

    Love Here Pussy))

  20. Skril says:

    Rex, has un Anal asi de Kushina (penetrada por Naruto)

  21. 6sony says:

    Hi Please Tsunade position

  22. Amaterasu user says:

    a masterpiece of mei. thnx man ;)

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