Creampied Babe Mei Terumi

Posted on: June 16th, 2014 by Darwin 17 Comments

Requested by chubaka


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  1. Tobirama says:

    Gotta love that woman. Hot as fuck!

  2. Defuck says:

    Have to agree. Darwin you really overused solo nude pics lately How about some summer themed pics where girls wearing some sexy swimsuits ? What happened with schoolgirl series ? Would be nice to see war themed pics or pics with half dressed or bottomless girls, cosplay pics or alternative clothes ?
    As members I can to see the suggestion box and I know there is enough such requests but you are ignore them all cuz you are mostly looking for most simplest solo requests like this one.
    No offence Darwin but you really starting disappoint

    • EVA-013 says:

      @ Defuck you contradict yourself You said that you isn ‘t boring with Darwin softcore flood but in this time you has complain that you don’t like see overused solo nude pics lately from Him.
      As you said in the suggestion box is enough good interesting ideas for girls with some costumes and swimsuits yuri and bondage thresome and group even dancing requests but Darwin as usual don’t see these ideas. 80% of all members asked request for popular canonic characters but 50% of all content here is pics for rare fillers characters, mostly softcore, because some group visitors and few members, cough cough Westes cough, want more pics, mostly softcore, for rare and fillers characters.
      How fuck it working? Darwin are showing an unhidden favoritism for non-members and one-two members, cough cough Westes cough, and ignore a lot others members because it’s very easy and comforting for him draw more softcore and do not put a lot of effort to do something more impressive interesting and hotter

      • Westes says:

        If Darwin has taken a liking to me, then I’m flattered.

        But I find it a bit hard to believe that he has prioritized me, since the last time Darwin drew a request from me was back in January.

        I will say that I am a softcore type, but I’ve also requested some action/hardcore type pics.

        Look through the suggestion list(if you can) and you’ll see.
        You can also search on my name in the search bar, and you’ll see 2 sex pics.

        It was actually me who requested “Now You’re Under My Command”
        I love Naruto with a passion, and I want to give rex and Darwin as many ideas as possible. Without breaking the 2*req./week rule, of course.

        Please don’t make assumptions by referring to just a portion of the records here, because it will be hard to take you seriously.

      • Amaterasu user says:

        coming from a troller that don’t know a shit. -.-

    • Amaterasu user says:

      have to agree there, Defuck-san. :D Yea, plz Darwin-san. :)

  3. uchihalover says:

    Finally some Mei Terumi pics, but she’s always in a picture single can you start putting her with others I would appreciate that dearly.

  4. Mei terumi says:

    Love it man keep up the work

  5. xxx says:

    I like that boobs but can you make bigger boobs?

  6. ninja says:


  7. ibbs says:

    I wanna fuck her soo hard; soo hard that her pussy falls off.

  8. Fister says:

    Someone suggest fisting mei terumi

  9. Edwardnewgate says:

    Anything involving Mei and Tsunade will always be sexy xD, i love both specially Mei s2 s2 s2.

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    Nice one Darwin!! :D

  11. sergio says:

    I love mei :-)

  12. Hatake Kakashi says:

    Do mei x kakashi

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