Posted on: May 16th, 2014 by Darwin 19 Comments
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Requested by Ivan

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  1. Poij says:

    Hinata knows how to suck

  2. Gabriel says:

    Great pic! Very hard to draw, good job Darwin.

  3. zeref-san says:

    Wow,,,i think i can see how big hinata boobs,,,so sexy girl beside that gentleman guys,shino,,,and that 69 position is the best style have you do,darwin,,,we become crazy about it,,,we love it,,,thanks and do more great job darwin,,,we will support you,,,

  4. Ivan says:

    Awesome just fucking awesome art They looks so lovely and nice together
    Thanks so much Darwin for this amazing artwork

  5. SomePeople says:

    Whixh position is that ._.

  6. Ideas Ninja says:

    Love the body positioning and how they’re both pulling their bodies towards each other.

  7. LOLZ says:

    LOLZ looks like Shino does not have dick

  8. lordanime says:

    this couple is just borring and mehh..who the hell would request this borring shits?

  9. farhan5988 says:

    hinata looks very hot in this position, no matter what others are saying this pic is really hot

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    yay, the hot hated chick Hinata-chan is back. Yay, and fuck haters!!

  11. Moooooon says:

    Who can tell me how to get the large picture?

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