Posted on: April 30th, 2014 by Rex 27 Comments
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  1. Defuck says:

    Well, before, you are at least tried to draw her a more adult, this pic is exactly about her curent age in manga.
    Pic for young Konan was removed but this one in the same age category
    Interesting, does requests for pre-shippuden Sakura Hinata etc. young Anko Konan are allowed here from now ?

  2. Cal2 says:

    Grammar nazis will not like this pic

  3. greg says:

    thats the best artist ever.
    lot of nice picture in 1 day, viva rex

  4. Ino_Lover says:

    So cute,love both anal and Moegi =)

  5. merdoc says:

    Unexpected to see underage 12-13 old girls is being allowed here.

  6. Steve Fox says:

    Wow I love this one! :P

  7. KiraGio says:

    Rex’s going ham!

  8. Wow says:

    Just Wow *-*

  9. Core says:

    very good picture,i hope to see more similar ones.

  10. OTF says:

    I don’t get the thing with grammar Nazi

    • Amaterasu user says:

      it has been fixed. look at the url, it says: “young girls likes play” when it should be “young girls likes to play”. SEE?

  11. oturan says:

    from the neck down moegi is hot but that hair is a boner killer

  12. SCARLET says:

    Nice drawing, but that hair model is a major turnoff, they look like chicken legs. Again, it’s not your fault Rex, your art is amazing, and I also don’t want to offend the guy/girl who requested this, just my opinion.

  13. Core says:

    very good pic ,i hope we see more similar to this one.

  14. TOBI says:


  15. Amaterasu user says:

    It would be more attractive and sexy if you drew her more adult. She is too young to be here according to the rules. ^^

    Anyway, great artwork as always. thanks man!!

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