Posted on: April 30th, 2014 by Rex 15 Comments
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Requested by Raiten

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  1. Mizu says:

    Oh yeah !

  2. mxy says:

    woow a sakura and kushina pic by rex today.

  3. Even says:

    Would be better if it was Konan instead.

  4. Natuzuiha says:

    This one is sort of ok I want to see a narusaku for once with Rex work! Still like her face,body and everything

  5. NAMI HENTAI says:

    I loved the picture beautiful Sakura it’s fantastic

    Job well done thank you set

  6. Ino_Lover says:

    Love anal,wonderful pic =)

  7. sexysaku says:

    Go sakura!thats my queen!

  8. Kasuk says:

    Oh yeah. I’m not ashamed saying I’m a member for Sakura and Ino pics. Love my Sakura Chan

  9. oturan says:

    this is all sakura is good for in the anime shes so annoying i cant stand her but on narutopixxx shes one of the best

  10. sakurafan says:

    just wondering..why u havent put sakura in that head banner in the place of that movie uninteresting bitch sarah?she is the main heroine of this show and requested quite a lot on this site,dont u think she deserves to be in the head banner?kind of hypocritic and unfair

  11. erza scarlet says:

    sakura knows that give wing cock with ass

  12. Raiten says:

    This pic is just incredibly good,thank you rex^^

  13. Amaterasu user says:

    Nice pic, Rex. Seems like she is enjoying it and not a annoying uselessh bitch like in the anime. Thaks anyways. :)

  14. nardi says:

    good to videos

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