Revealing Not Only Her Wings

Posted on: January 11th, 2014 by Darwin 15 Comments

Requested by Westes


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  1. Agustin says:

    Darwin’s mind: I’ll draw like…one if the best pixxx I’ve ever done, with perfect body and pussy, cool idea and background…what else..? Oh, yeah! I’ll make her hide her boobs! That’ll be perfect!

  2. Westes says:

    Simply amazing. Thank you so much!

  3. Plamen356 says:

    Good to see secondary chars here.

  4. Kagero says:

    Awesome man

  5. Kush says:

    you are using to little time on your drawings… rex is making the best because he is using the time to his advantage…

    • Kagero says:

      Really? your comment is so fucking stupid. Your’e either a rex fanboy or a moron.

    • Westes says:

      You are telling Darwin to take his time when drawing to improve. Sure. But as it seems, you are displeased with something in this picture. I think it would be better to tell him what it is you didn’t like. Telling him to just take his time won’t help much, I think.

  6. Anonymice says:

    It feels as if your not interested in improving and just interested in getting your work completed.

  7. SCARLET says:

    Nice pic and all, but you guys do realize that this kunoichi spent most of her time disguised as this
    So… yeah…it’s quite the boner killer.

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