“Fire Element Pleasure” Requested by NXXN

Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by Darwin 17 Comments

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  1. rkopre says:

    Sasuke paired with dead woman = appeasing

  2. Fredfree says:

    I perfer his bro tbh, Itachi is cooler than ice and deadlier than Bee

  3. Hihiozabi says:

    Very nice Darwin! You really do draw Sasuke well. Hope to see more of him from ya!

  4. SCARLET says:

    Nice one, Pakura looks hot and I love her hair.

  5. Scythe says:

    Neji Hanabi, and this is not a request

  6. farfachnuegen says:

    What the serious fuck is up with his leg?

  7. Uchiha madara says:

    one picture of mikoto and madara &name it sasuke really father plssss
    and thanks for all ur picture
    and if u can get more than2picture in one day

  8. Tertium says:

    Great compliment to darwin I find this picture very much, I managed the quality of her thought at first it would be rex. keep it up

  9. Hydrogen says:

    Too many pictures featuring spoon position for my taste. Looks exactly like the NejixHanabi one…
    As for the picture itself: Pakura’s hair looks good. But that’s it. They both don’t seem to enjoy the sex.

  10. OMFG says:

    Wow every pic now with a mael is either with the Raikage or sasuke wtf is wrong with you are you some kind of sick faggot? I would never pay for this shit simply for the fact you favor characters and it ruins your art. Why not just stop the bull shit and make a faggot pic for yourself of the nigger and sasuke go fuck yourself bitch

  11. naruzuiha says:

    Gotta admit that shits hot:)

  12. Shem says:

    nice to see more sasuke.

  13. Notatroll says:

    Make the chest flat, put a penis + scrotum and you have Haku being fucked.

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