Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Rex 32 Comments
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  1. Ideas Ninja says:

    Absolutely amazing picture Rex, well done! Love the added detail of Hinata’s white panties pulled down with her pants. keep up the great work!

  2. haruno.jeanne says:

    wtf again,how about a new sakura pic?

  3. rkopre says:

    Fuck the Hyuuga clan

  4. sweg says:

    FINALLY!! FINALLY!! REX DID HINATA AGAIN!! come on guys.. I know you are all sick of hinata.. but you have to admit. Rex does a pretty damn fine job of hinata. Especially compared to darwin.

  5. Joe Grizzly says:

    I have to ask: Hinata again?

  6. Hatakex says:

    Fucking Hinata again, well atleast it’s anal and Rex’s work :S

  7. Jdaboss says:

    This pic is actually good why is everyone complaining about this picture? What you would rather see a Darwin Pic?

  8. S says:

    Alot of Hinata requests… Still.. the picture is just brilliant, well done.

  9. Caz says:

    This is why I love Rex, I don’t mind that it is another Hinata pic, Rex captures her essence sooo much better than Darwin
    REX FTW!!!

  10. Bbitch911 says:

    Taking cocks in the ass is the one thing she is good at

  11. Ricky says:

    Hmm, there’s a new comment layout since I last came here… anyway, great picture. I really like the position and the fact that her pants/undergarments are only halfway down her legs; it gives the impression that she was in such a hurry to get buttfucked that she couldn’t even be bothered to get her pants off.

    And to those that dislike that this is another Hinata picture, remember that Darwin gave warning that there were a lot of Hinata requests, so this is only to be expected. She’s not my favourite character (as a matter of fact, I rather dislike her), but enough people like her, and those people pay money for memberships so they can put in requests. The more requests are fulfilled, the greater chance those subscribers will re-up, thus the more money Rex and/or Darwin earn. The more they earn, the more willing and able they will be to fulfill future requests.

  12. lol says:

    Do you guys ever get tired of bitching? Don’t like Hinata, don’t click the picture. Some people actually DO like her.

  13. Poij says:

    no matter how many haters she has, i love hinata

  14. ilikerex says:

    i disagree :D i think his hinata is the most beautiful and sexy girl in this web, so i never get bore if rex draw her.
    By the way, what happened to you these day, rex

  15. Kasuk says:

    I’m a Sakura fan as I’ve admitted many times in comments. But I love Hinata as well. Why hate? Appreciate. Up to me Naruto would have Sakura and Hinata with a side of Ino. Anyway. Great pic.

  16. Wguayana says:

    Los Artistas deberian hacer más Gente Extras, ejemplo: De Kumogakure a Motoi, Tenga, Kumo-Ship Capitain, Tango, el Primer Raikage, el Segundo Raikage, Atsui, Osoi, Toroi, Cee (Shee), Omoi, KARUI…….; De Konoha: Zaji, Hoheto, Dan, Ibiki, Choza, Shikaku, el Padre de Kakashi, Harisama, Tobirama, Kotetsu, Izumo, Iwashi, Genma, Raido, Yurika, Yoshino, Iruka, Nawaki (Si Inari y Konohamaru estan, este entra en este Paquete), el Padre de Iruka, la madre de Iruka, Tercer Hokage, Kisuke, Inoichi, Shikaku, Choza, el Padre de Sasuke, Teuchi, Shiho, ASUMA, YAMATO, Hizashi…..De Sunagakure: BAKI, Kankuro, el Tercer Kazekage, Maki, YASHAMARU…..De Iwa: el Ninja que le dio la carta de amor a Sakura, Ittan, el Tsuchikage, Mu, KITSUCHI, Akatsuchi………De Kirigakure: Kiri, Ganryuu, Kisame, Jipamchi, ZABUZA, HAKU, Kushimaru, Jinin Akebino, el Segundo Mizukage, el Tercer Mizukage, AO, CHOJURO…………Otros Paises: Chishima, IDATE, KAIZA (¿Pusieron a Inari, pero a este no?), TAZUNA, Gato, Todoroki, Nauma, Menma, Na, Shinobazu, los del Pais de la Luna, SHIBUKI, Inari, Tsunami, Pain, Yahiko, Nagato, Konan, MIFUNE, Hanzo, Yukimaru, Kabuto, Zengei, Rukimaru, Raiga, Ranmaru (Ahora), el del Curry de la Vida, SEÑORES FEUDALES……………………………..

  17. Byakurai says:

    Oh wow ;o; This is simply amazing! I love the details and the her facial expression
    Thanks a lot Mr.Rex

  18. Doesn’t she look a little bit too young there? Hinata I mean. Beside that the artwork is very good. Especially the face expression. thanks, rex. nice to know you are still going. :)

  19. jkl says:

    Do a pic of naruto gang banging with shawdow clones tsunade in the office

  20. Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki says:

    Ewwww that is all disgusting except hinata that guy in the picture is fugly

  21. TheSquare says:

    Great pic! Hinata’s expressions are nice! And love the feet. More feet please!!!!

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