Rear Entrance Of Pleasure

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Rex 19 Comments

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  1. glamorus says:

    When Darwin working with member’s requests rex keep make one and same girls or pair, one and same pose with one and same facial expression

    • InsertGayNameHere says:

      The last Shizune pic was last month. The last doggy style pic was almost 2 weeks ago. Ahegao is normal in hentai as to show off the amount of pleasure a woman is feeling during sex. Get over yourself.

    • rkopre says:

      you’re full of shit

    • glamorus says:

      Previous pic for Shizune: bent over with ahegao almost like this this one, any questions?

      • InsertGayNameHere says:

        No, it was and I quote “creampie, doggy, shizune.” Again, that was on June 5th. Once again, get over yourself.

        • glamorus says:

          Where ? Should only open any comments for pics for Hinata, Sasuke or any Uchiha and there we’ll a lot your exclusive bitching trolling and complains or somebody just should say good about them as you almost always can’t miss it

      • Fredfree says:

        Man, just admit you are wrong and stop embarrassing yourself

  2. GodOfPeace says:

    It’s good, but I feel like you gave Shizune ahegao why too often.

  3. NXXN says:

    Rex you’re freaking awesome!!!!

  4. Marcelo says:

    Great Work, Shizune is SEXY

  5. jong2x says:

    salamat sa pagdrawing ng request ko :)

  6. haruno.jeanne says:

    where are sakura,sara,etc who aren’t appeared

  7. RMD says:

    I wish you and the another Pixx not published entrie on 8 July to 8 Agust.

  8. Shizune says:

    The pic is amazing,but I hate when it is with an anon guy.I dont know why -.-

  9. Spo says:

    there is no Tsunade for a long time!!!
    can you make anal(Tsunde whis Naruto)

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