Eternal Rivalry, Senju vs Uchiha

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Rex 28 Comments

Requested by GodaimeTsunade

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  1. Hashirama Senju says:

    Guys, he likes me.

  2. uchiha itachi-san says:

    Caramba, a Tsunade é muito gostosa!!!

  3. saiyan says:

    i love it, anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves

  4. Dakushna says:

    Holy shit, those tits are epic, best pair I have seen in a while

  5. GodOfPeace says:

    Smokin’ HOT! That’s how Tsunade’s body supposed to look! Huge tits & big ass.=) Excellent job!

  6. Klawww says:

    rex,i know that right now you’re busy with pic and the site upgrade but i have to ask you if there is a problem with my request,it’s almost one year since i posted it,and it’s a single character request not a threesome or anything big. i’m asking this because the first time i posted it,the link of the request was broken but i reposted it sometime after,i don’t know maybe you looked at the first request the link was broken and you ignored any other you find thereafter thinking it was the same with broken link,or maybe it’s just the request that is not ok.hope that you have some time to answer me, thanks.

    anyway nice picture always good to see tsunade tits,keep up the good work.

  7. lalalalala says:

    tsunade is technically half uzumaki half senju. pretty sure eternal rivals only apply to pure senjus lol. but then again senjus & uzumakis come from the younger son of the sage. so nevermind, the title is right

    • to, can you pls tell me where in the anime/manga there have been said that Tsunade is half Uzumaki? I know from the anime that she is senju since Hashirama Senju is her grandfather, but there hasn’t been said anything about it in the anime. Maybe its from the manga since I don’t read the chapters that haven’t been shown in the animr yet.:)

  8. Mizu says:

    Hot boobs, great !

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  10. MaximeLawliet says:

    Tsunade is one of my favorite kunoichi, she’s so sexy. I wish to see her rammed from behind in the ass while she’s screaming with a shy looking expression :D

  11. Shikafan says:

    Que rico

  12. Joe Grizzly says:

    She is the Goddess of tits and sake

  13. Scarlet says:

    How is it even possible for her body to rotate at least 170 degrees. The details are very hot, but I think it would be best if the pic was showing her front, not like this.

  14. Mira strauss says:

    I hope that you know there is a website stealing your art and editing it without your permission on 420chan and this I find unfair to you doing the original work and being unaware.

  15. Marcelo Senju says:

    Esta muy buena la imagen sigan subiendo imagenes de ella

  16. Marcelo Senju says:

    Esta muy buena la imgen pero me gustaria que hicieran una imagen de Footjob de Tsunade

  17. Although I am not a big fan of Tsunade and her giant boobs, is this picb one of the best so far of her. The drawing is great and her body and tits are just like in the anime/manga. And the pic became better with Madara fucking her. The title is great too. Therefore from me would this pic get 5/5.

    Thanks for good work, Rex, and keep the good work up!

  18. Yanu says:

    For once, her boobs are perfectly like how I’ve always imagined them to be :) and they look delicious!

  19. Gaara says:

    I love this picture! Her tits are perfect! And I love the fact that she’s being dominated by Madara. Someone finally strong enough to put her in her place.

  20. king says:

    very good i need

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