Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by Rex 40 Comments
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  1. Defuck says:

    So now makes requests in the suggestion box have no sense too?

  2. Defuck says:

    And again we can see one the same girls for every page Konan Samui Mikoto Sakura etc. Where is new pic for Mei Kushina Ino Anko etc. You are became so lazy that now read suggestions is too hard for you, right?

    • GodOfPeacce says:

      Rofl, you’re an idiot, just look back, he made TONS of pics with those girls, TONS. There’re more than 40+ pics with Ino… at least!

    • rex says:

      The moment you typed Ino is where I no longer took your comment seriously

      • Defuck says:

        GodOfPeacce You call me an idiot when you can not even steal someone else’s name without errors 0_o No comments.
        By the way only one Sakura has got more pics than all those girls together.

        @Rex hopefully this must be meant that you won’t be censoring me anymore.

    • rkopre says:

      no mention of Hinata? you are doublefaced as everyone else

      • Defuck says:

        I haven’t any reason to mention Hinata cuz SB overfilled requests for her and a lot members constantly mention Hinata without my help
        Only NH requests is the hopeless wasting of time and money here

        • rkopre says:

          You totally didnt get what I ment: in every page theres at least a pic with her but you took great care to leave her out of your complain, thats what I mean when I call you double faced. And your complaining about the wrong girls too: Kushina and Ino are seen pretty often or are you blind too?

        • Defuck says:

          It’s pretty funny hear something about double faced and complains from you
          You are almost always complains about wrong girls and boys; Sasuke and Hinata.
          I can’t get what the same you are want from me? You are only one who may bitching and complains here for free and nobody else, or something like this?

    • Naruto Uzumaki says:

      ahaahhahahaha! wait you serious?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  3. night42 says:

    Finally we see your art again Rex! Nice work as ever!

  4. KC says:

    Does anyone actually think these new pictures are “high quality” artwork?

    • Defuck says:

      This is typical “quick made” from rex; simple pics about the mediocre quality and poor works with details.

    • roshi says:

      ungrateful cunt. I bet thousands of you nerds wack off only to rex pictures. even rex’s terrible pixxx are better than 90% of the shit you see in google image or rule 34 and deviantart. go ahead an dislike my comment. you turds know im right. hentai will be irrelevant without rex. go head and type in naruto hentai. i bet my life that 80% of those porn sites have stolen pixxx of rex’s. and here you are bitching about quality? i hope rex bans your fake ass.

      • KC says:

        Funny thing is I used to defend Rex just like you. Was about to become a member and everything. But mindless lapdogs like you are only making the problem worse. Your support only teaches PiXXX artists they can get away with 1/5 of their efforts and still get paid the same. You want to defend Ellery’s photoshopped pictures too? How about when they think they can just do black and white linearts? And then stick figures?

        I’ve seen dozens of people like you come and go when they finally realize after their support, quality, quantity and the number of requests done only get worse. The truth is compared to Rex’s old pictures these aren’t even worth looking at. I know I’m not alone in only wanting to see the artists actually try. If they did, I would be happy to support them both morally and financially.

        The fact that you want him to ban me for stating my opinion where “feedback and criticism is welcomed” only shows how ignorant and small-minded you are.

  5. Marcelo Senju says:

    Esta muy buena la imagen pero podrian subir algunas de Tsunade

  6. GodOfPeace says:

    One of the sexiest ass-fuck pose ever.^^

    But I have to agree, the quality on these newer pixxx aren’t that great.:\

  7. mysterious says:

    this butt is just magnificent and the position makes it be better!

  8. Sorria says:

    she needs a hard lesson

  9. aruzuiha says:

    fuck her ass up goood!
    amn I like these positions:) samui is so fuckin sexy

  10. zero says:

    seria buena una con obito, konan madara y nagato
    naruto con hinata y hanabi
    konan con pein, naruto y nagato

  11. GodOfPeace says:

    R e x, when will you do a double-anal pic?xD Just wondering.:D

  12. Name says:

    So where’s Rex? :D

  13. aaa66611533 says:


  14. Defuck says:

    The everything what I did said is the truth and doesn’t matter you took my comment seriously or not.

  15. yesser99 says:

    ultimate pussy fuck

  16. Marcelo Hozuki says:

    Esta buena la imagen pero podrian subir alguna de La Mizukage Mei Terumi

  17. Juinjutsu says:

    Before you all lecture rex and his pixxx, compare his pics with pics in other site, the worst pic here could be the best in other sites, you can dislike my comment.
    I’m just expressing my opinion

    • Danny says:

      you’re 100% righht! Pics in other pixxx are like for kids lol. Just saying but seriously Narutopixx has real High Quality Resolution Artwork as they said. Luckily, i only read/watch Naruto and OnePiece (well, OnePiecePixxx used to be really good)so i dont really mind about them haha

  18. Starmie says:

    I would´ve prefered A and Tsunade, but still a very good pic.

  19. Gore says:

    I really like this one, and how you’re drawing Samui body. Great work, Rex! :)

  20. Mr. Locke says:

    I had no idea doggy style involved fucking while standing O_o
    Srsly, fix that before more people will laugh you off…

  21. Mr. Locke says:

    I had no idea doggy style involved fucking while standing O_o
    Srsly, fix that before more people will laugh you off…

  22. Forgot the narutopixxx logo again. LOL :P Anhow, who cares?! Great artwork, man!

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