Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by Rex 18 Comments
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Requested by Rock Star

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  1. cake says:

    Mikoto this is better than the last 2 pictures of it, it looks so nice.

  2. ademski says:

    please im begging anyone to go and request for him to do a stripped emi, suzumebachi, or tsubaki and tell him to go to narutopedia to see them please for me i can’t no more and i really think he would like it and all of us woul please anyone

  3. ademski says:

    OK first i like the pic and second please anyone i want somebody to request a stripped emi, suzumebachi, or tsubaki when you request tell him to go to narutopedia so he can see them. Please i want somebody to request this for me because i can’t anymore and i think it would be a really good pic.

  4. footie says:

    Always great to see feet! Love it!<3

  5. footie says:

    Always great to see feet!
    Love the pixxx!

  6. naruzuiha says:

    oh mikoto has a fine cute body sexy pixxx lol

  7. Mugivara says:

    This guy came and made this request few months ago
    You found the perfect way to say “You all are losers and fools” to many members who regularly pay for years.
    Thanks very much Rex for the best hint to drop premium-account

  8. Scarlet says:

    Her body is very sexy, but her face is too juvenile.

  9. Devil says:

    looking at Mikoto’s feet her parents must be a hobbits or at least one of them

  10. laxus is god says:

    Please do some more of itachi and other people who have not go many images and stop putting naruto and sasuke because they are way to overused… Just Saying

  11. Mikoto rocks! This is great, but isn’t Obito a bit too young to be in that pic. I don’t know his age when he lived in Konoha, but if you ask me he is way too young in that pic. Well, who cares anyway? All our eyes are focused on Miktot, so it dosen’t matter. :)

    By the way, thanks for the pic Rex!

  12. A incest pic with Mikoto would have been great. Pls make more Mikoto, best MILF in the whole series. :) ))))))

  13. fapfapfap says:

    Mikoto needs more anal pictures. More pictures at all are nice, I love Mikoto, but definitely more anal.

  14. Vongola Undicesimo says:

    Nice Pic…

  15. sasuke5910 says:

    I like this one specially the mikoto s face impression. Allways great to see feet. I think it would be a good pic with sasuke (or naruto) anal with mikoto and with this cute mikotos face impression. waht do you think?

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