Posted on: April 10th, 2013 by Rex 42 Comments
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Requested by Dante

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  1. RandomDude says:

    Finally, Naruto got to bang Karin :D
    I think she looks better with Naruto

  2. wolf191000 says:

    Not many pics of this Pairing and I love the Title it fits this pairing because of their similer Age, un-like the other Uzumaki Pairing’s like Naruto with Mito or Kushina, Not that I dislike them, their Hot but it’s the whole Age diffirence and the fact those Women ain’t Alive anymore, when as this Pairing in my opinion are sorted.

    In any-case this pic is quite arousing and with Good color and design, Well Done.

  3. Klawww says:

    Nice karin one of my favourite girl,keep up the good work^^

  4. TeenFlash09 says:

    Mm, not bad. I think a few of us have been awaiting this one. :)

    NaruKarin isn’t bad at all. It’s not even direct incest. As far as I’m concerned, they’re distant relatives. So, by all means, rebuild the Uzumaki clan together. XD

  5. hyuga-kishi says:

    Really nice picture, love the eye-contact. Great tits!

  6. cake says:

    I think the same.XD

  7. karin says:

    omg so hot! keep up the awesome work rex!*heart symbol*(lol dont’ know what the symbol is but whatever)

  8. uzucest says:

    wow nice one you made there. :)
    i’m expecting another pic of naruto and another girls (well i love red hair anyway XD)
    keep up the good work ^_^

  9. Animus3.0 says:

    More incest AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rkopre says:

    naruto should have bitten her too imho but its pretty hot anyway what with the way they look at each other and their relaxed position

  11. hello says:

    this pic is really good rex n a lot of people i talk to seem to think karin n tayuya r uzumaki or part uzumaki at least. n can some1 request a naruto/yugito or naruto/kurenai pics please

  12. asd says:

    Karin one love <3

  13. krasio says:

    Make more pics of them they are so sexy together :)

  14. timy says:

    I wanna see naruto with filler girl. Like haruna, yakumo, etc.

  15. Karinsoooohot says:


  16. Uchiha Man says:

    i like narukarin but u should do one with sasukari and call it “I want to rebuild my clan too” ps. i only like sasukari becaues the book says sharingan takes alot of chakra and Uzumakis have alot so they will be stronger

  17. Shenron says:

    the eye contact make it hotter.

  18. Dahurricane says:

    you should do cowgirl reverse or front or dogie style next with this two

  19. lobo says:

    Absolutely love it and as has been said I’ve been waiting for it for a while, same title in mind and everything. Keep up the good work.

  20. porrusman says:

    one pic for mei terumi and tenten and ino

  21. naruzuiha says:

    im not a big fan of karin soemtimes but thats fucking HOT!! :D
    yep gppd title right there she’s goergous right there

  22. 6sony says:

    Hi Please new pic Sasuke fuck Tsunade
    and Mei Terumi pics please

  23. cookie says:

    That’s hot!
    Please, do one pic for Tsunade and Killer Bee!

  24. Mei says:

    Nice PIC.
    but pls Make More pics From old womans : Tsunade Kushina And my Love Mei
    Thank you so much

  25. Doomman says:

    My favroite pic by far love your work an we need more like this

  26. LJK says:

    Rex, recently there arent many updates. Why is that?

  27. Scarlet says:

    it’s been 4 days since you uploaded this pic rex. i think you’re starting to slack off again.

  28. юрий says:

    videos naruto hentai nado

  29. karin says:

    some more amazing pics would be great right about now:D keep up the amazing work rex!*Heart symbol*

  30. basty says:

    mmm que rico

  31. Derp says:

    Why in the hell has this been down-voted recently? It had a 4.5 rating a few days ago!

  32. FoMothaRussia says:

    Well done dude!
    This is pairing is epic!

  33. Derp says:

    Why is this picture getting down voted? It was at like 4.5 two days ago. Are the Sasutards that low?

  34. Darkstar11012 says:

    An good pairing!!!
    How about Madara and sakura pics

  35. Darkstar11012 says:

    How about Madara and sakura pics

  36. Yeah, great pic Rex. the pairing, eye-contact is awsome too. Keep it up man!

    By thw way, when do we get know that Karin is from the Uzumaki clan? I can’t remeber seeing that in the anime. Well that great news, right? it was a little bit obvious with her red hair that she was an Uzumaki, but it’s a fact that not everyone with red hair is from that clan. Like Sasori and Gaara.

    • Junkey says:

      It is confirmed in the manga in a chapter I will not tell you more about ^^

      • azreign says:

        yup, she is Uzumaki..talking bout red hair..i believe most of the guys that have red hair like sasori and gaara, even Nagato have decendents related to the Uzumaki clan…all of the ninja world were chasing the uzumaki clan for their ability of great technics of seals and of course marriage can be a way of confirming alliance with the clan…plus all the name stated have GREAT AMOUNT of chakra and aces in the naruto series..wat do u think?

  37. Rayquiyu360 says:

    I won’t anyone for disliking this but I noticed that Naruto and Karin are the only Uzumaki members left( I think) so I thought maybe there’s a chance for Naruto and Karin to rebuild the Uzumaki Clan. It’s only a thought and the provability is unlikely.

    • Rayquiyu360 says:

      I forgot the word hate after won’t and before anyone.

      • Neko Kuugki says:

        Yeah… I agree this is the only way to get the clan back. Yet wouldn’t this be a little weird? Their pretty much long distance cousins. Yet it just enough distance in relation for there not to be birth defects… But still. Little bit of incest there.

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