Konoha’s Shy Schoolgirl

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by Rex 40 Comments

Requested by BlackStar

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  1. Mr. Locke says:

    Once again you’ve proven that the only way for you to draw some long time request posted by some dude is through bitching ^^ Doesn’t it bother you?
    Nice picture BTW, but her face looks kinda childish, like in the original ;-)

  2. Defuck says:

    Dude this is amazing pic her cute face made my day, In the school uniform she looks unbelievably sexy but this pic is not perfect.
    You can be serious about her breast, this her original breast size and this even not close to size on this image.
    why you again drew her so flat as Sakura, C’mon dude why you can’t support the original bodies proportions as you drew for your old pics

  3. Hinata says:

    Naruto-kun, will you go out with me?

  4. tsukutarasu says:

    That thing she does with her fingers gets me every time. :)

  5. Mizu says:

    Yes,I like it !

  6. BlackStar says:

    After all this story and great expectation for something super awesome magnificent 1000-th pic I really didn’t expected to see my request
    This must be my lucky day I guess. Her facial expression is brilliant, her school uniform looks ultra-hot and position is just priceless, everything exactly I has was asked.
    Thanks very much :D
    But her boob could have been a bigger much more bigger. Nonetheless this is faptastic image and I could only hope that next time you gonna draw canonic big-breasted Hinata

    • Joe Grizzly says:

      Dude, you bitched and you got what you wanted, sadly that’s the pattern here

      • BlackStar says:

        Dude I not only bitched, I also paid for this one, I been supporting this site for a very long time and I still gonna paying for my membership I think that all these facts helped me get what I wanted not only my bitching
        I not come here only for free hentai and don’t bitching everytime when Rex made new pic for Sasuke or Hinata like you

  7. cheesecake says:

    hinata + schoolgirl outfit = perfection

  8. cake says:

    Naruto asked him, this fucking pervert! XDDDD.

  9. Ideas Ninja says:

    Awesome picture! Love the pose with the finger twitching. I agree her breasts are too small in this picture

  10. Bacon says:

    awwwwe shes so cute

  11. Calcho says:

    Gotta love those Hinata cosplay pics.

  12. GodOfPeace says:

    It would be perfection, if her breasts would be twice as big.:( And she seems a little young indeed~ but other than that, the cuteness level is over 9000!

  13. sayian says:

    damn this is great but it would’ve been perfect if you had increased the breast size.

  14. dragonfly82 says:


    Awesome pic,
    school uniforms are the best.

    it’s been a while since the last Konoha Gakuen pic…

  15. glamorus says:

    OMG Rex did pic for pre-shippuden teen Hinata !!! that was my first thought when I saw this image. This childish face these small chest even school uniform, only long hair it’s only one thing about her looks that support a shippuden style.
    You should stop changing a girl’s body proportions for the each new image. It’s truly confusing and bothering

  16. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Ahh my heart, it’s too adorable!

  17. lol says:

    And here comes the negs. Seriously, people, why neg people who praise Hinata pics? Is it a crime to like Hinata or something? lol

  18. sj says:

    MORE!! need more hinata cosplay!!!

  19. rkopre says:

    I really hope this is not what we get for the 1000th pic of the site

  20. sj says:

    who else should do cosplay???

  21. Jinbe says:

    Too much “Thumbs down” for the positive comments.
    I smell some hater’s butthurt.

    • UlfricBC says:

      I am sure you’re elated and thrilled seeing a cosplay image of your favorite personage but I was expecting something much better than this 4 the 1000th mark of the site,so excuse me if I am not a fanatical supporter of a mere secondary personage

      • Jinbe says:

        Thank you that you prove my words – the pic is estimated by some butthurt retards who fap on the unnecessary numbers instead on the girls. Well, you can do this as much as you want.
        By the way – cry some more, maybe Rex will hear you and give you some anniversary pic along with the cake and greeting card.

      • Scythe says:

        So that’s why a fanatical haters of a mere secondary personage give too much “Thumbs down” for the positive comments and dislikes the everyone who like this image.

        • UlfricBC says:

          I voted once,I wasn’t aware of the multivote option like you esteemed members,sorry to disappoint

        • Scythe says:

          I did said what you are the only one who multivoted for all positive comments, I just said what “fanatical haters” everytime give too much “Thumbs down” for the positive comments for Hinata.
          You are one of them, obviouslyб and this pic is just huge pain in the ass in your vision and doesn’t matter it will be 1000-th or 852-th pic you are always will complains about the every new pic for her.
          After all Rex did a lot pics and for other girls recently but you haven’t any interes to all them, because Haters gonna hate and as Jinbe was said “some butthurt retards who fap on the unnecessary numbers instead on the girls”
          Some people come here for fun and some people only for butthurt and spreading this personal problems to everyone here

        • UlfricBC says:

          Am I not free to dislike a personage who is not to my liking? I was not aware of a dictatorship running this site,maybe you should tell rex too.
          Anyway,I am a lurker so do not expect many ”unwanted” comments from me and I would really appreciate if you do not drag me at your level,thank you.

        • Scythe says:

          The one deal the dislike a personage, and absolutelly other deal the dislike people who love this personage, dislike all pics with this personage even it’s hight quality works and dislike absolutelly everything about this personage.
          So that’s why I call you “fanatical hater”

  22. Be@st says:

    Pretty hot and very cute but these small boobs… oh well.

  23. Love it! Hinata is one of my favourite and in shy modus this pic is getting 10 times better!!!! Thanks Rex, it’s very good idea and I like that you let the clothes be on. it makes the pic a lot hotter.:)

  24. Dakushna says:

    So now you go by Scythe? First sakuhina, then syler, then deatnote, then suck-it-haters, do you have a split personality, schizophrenia or what? The only thing I’m sure of, it’s that you’re an asshole and a motherfucker with a ridiculous grasp of the english language.
    Learn to speak english before writing like an obnoxious know-it-all.

    • Scythe says:

      So only because I have problems with english grammar and don’t share your hate for some personage I must supported to be an asshole and a motherfucker who use many usernames. Perfect logic
      I also find it’s pretty weird what Dakushna UlfricBC Joe Grizzly rkope and few other people have identical tastes and dislikes about some special characters and pretty similar style of writing. If using a your “perfect logic” they are must a one and the same persone, right?
      Typical logic of typical rabid hater “If I hate someone so all world must hate him too. I this persone/character have a lot fans that only because a somebody use a lot nicknames to create an fake popularity of this character. This personage coldn’t have a many fans because I hate him/her and all world must hate her/him TOO”
      Give me more hate and butthurt from fucking king of haters
      Make favor me and all world – grow up, finally and stop hates a fictional characters it’s pretty stupid and pathetic

    • Joe Grizzly says:

      Don’t feed the trolls retard

  25. luis says:

    donde se ve la imagen en grande?

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