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  1. Shade says:

    You make her look a lot more attractive than she looks in the anime.

  2. Reaver says:

    wow this is hot Maybe in the future can you do a mother daughter pic would love to see that.

  3. naruzuiha says:

    that’s a fine ass mom right there been waiting on her
    hey maybe you can do a threesome with sakura and her with “caught them making out and then later naruto fucks her”

  4. GodOfPeace says:

    See?? That’s what I’m talking about, she’s hot! Dunno why everyone said that she was ugly… she’s a real MILF at least, not like Kushina and Mikoto who are like 20+ y/o.:P

    GJ r e x, hope to see her more in the future~ my only “problem” is her breasts, they seems to me way too big for her.

  5. Mizu says:

    Welcome Mebuki !

  6. psypher necros says:

    Now THIS is a MILF

  7. sex no jutsu says:

    i woud like a three some with kushina mebuki and mikoto

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