Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by Rex 14 Comments
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  1. Defuck says:

    This is not assview this is a feetview and her pussy was drawn in a very primitive way, even artist from FairyTailPixxx could do it better

  2. Kurama says:

    Pakura unmatched.It would be desirable to see Sakuru and Ryuzetsu

  3. Hertz says:

    This is an interesting angle of an assview with feet also included. Yum! Shouldn’t her long strands of hair be orange?

  4. kunkunchan says:

    totally love it ! yay my foot fetish xD

  5. fernanda nana says:


    of hinata, shizune, mabui and tenten sandals szsz

  6. JNX says:

    Damm!! Pakura is so fucking hot! She’s already on my top 10

  7. Fucking Tenten says:

    She needs a striped version next. We need more Tenten u have done good and bad with her but now all of your pixxx are coming out looking awesome, 5 stars just one maybe with panties on one leg and leing on her back with leg up in the air ( got to show her feet maybe have naruto sucking on her tows) her war clothe not torn but look like there coming off and being fucking by naruto. The title (could’t save him) (neji) this is an idea not a request I can read.

  8. happyguy says:

    Pakura looks hot in this pic cause normally Pakura is allright looking but in this pic she’s totally hot.
    Good job rex

  9. Jacketguy says:

    Wow, this is the first time in a while that I’ve been able to just look at a pic, and get excited (not that your previous pics are bad or anything). This work of art is a 5/5, for obvious reasons :)

  10. Krasio says:

    Nice assview position with these feet its awesome

  11. daquack says:

    didn’t know she was that tight, damn

  12. Name says:

    holy crap again with the low votes . this deserves a 5/5

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