Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by Rex 27 Comments
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Hi Everyone, As you all know Feb month has not fare well on my side in terms of health. I just had a high blood pressure but don't you all worry, I have not forgotten your requests. I am starting to draw again and rest assured, things will turn out to be good in the next few days. I will be as healthy as a horse again . Thank you for all your support to my fellow pixxers! Let's keep this site more then alive as ever!

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  1. Hydrogen says:

    Good to hear you’re getting better. Explains this somewhat strange rhythm of updates that kept me wondering what’s up.

    If “things will turn out to be good” means the same quality of artwork but just more pics then I say “good” is a understatement.

  2. Lukas says:

    I am glad to hear that you are alive ;-) :-P
    And I am sure your next pixxxs will be as awesome as ever ^^

  3. Mizu says:

    Naruto pixxx forever !! =)

  4. Edwardnewgate says:

    Good, i know u dont like me Rex and i dont have big hope on my requests, im member over than 1 year here and got only 1 request done (while other guys 2-3 even 4) its unfair but what can i do… I just wish better health for u, as they say…”we cant please Greek and Troyan”…

    • TobiWan says:

      Man you must be very lucky if you are member over than 1 year here and got only 1 request done and after this you dare say what Rex don’t like you. lol
      I member over than 2 years here and don’t got any 1 request done at all this time and seems he haven’t no idea about me and my request for all this time.
      But you got a point when other guys already got 2-3 even 4 pics for a very short period when other must wait over than few years without hope and the garanty, its unfair but what can we do

    • TobiWan says:

      And yeah it’s pretty funny hear here “I have not forgotten your requests” when actually here a lot requests is was forgotten and rejected

  5. Shade says:

    You drew those pictures whilst ill? Fuck, you’re a good artist.

  6. naruzuiha says:

    well at least we know your not feeling good right now and I’m patient enough 4 new pixxx :D
    thanks for letting us know buddy rest up as much as you need to n be back in full health

  7. Mr.Cuddlesworth says:

    Narutopixxx for life!

  8. worldsend90 says:

    rez its good u r feeling better
    n plz dont forget my request man

  9. Kisame says:

    Color GANY FUCK !”

    and try to do the pics you havet do. i mean 30 per month, y you do 15 las month so thisa time do 45 ? do you undertand ?

    • SweetBlow says:

      Can’t wait for new amazing pixxx :)

      @ Kisame: Good idea -.- but the quality for these 45 would be pretty bad.

      Instead of having 30 pixx a month I prefer 20 high quality pixxx with some really outstanding ones and some with multiple characters, more details, more interesting positions. And it needs time to think about beforehand what you wanna draw so that the result is appealing/original and viewers have a good point of view. That’s really important imo.

      What I am missing right now are series-pics, there hasn’t been a single one the last two pages. I’m dying to see Chikushōdō or Pakura: Assviews, Stripped, Masturbating

    • Shade says:

      With your piss poor grasp of the English language I doubt he does understand. You talk like Jar Jar Binks.

  10. KiraGio says:

    Oh, this site will be forever!

  11. Edwardnewgate says:

    Deleted my post. Now im 100% sure u dont like me Rex, but do not worry my dear ”friend” im not here on HK because of you.

  12. UCHIHALEADER says:

    Yo Rex, get some rest! you deserved it!

  13. Macca says:

    SweetBlow says: Instead of having 30 pixx a month I prefer 20 high quality pixxx with some really outstanding ones and some with multiple characters, more details, more interesting positions.


    • Defuck says:

      But previous month Rex has did only 19 pics and a lot from wasn’t high quality pixxx with some really outstanding ones and more details
      If rex spending many time for one pic this haven’t mean that guaranteed going to do exellent pic, basically the neither previous month he did more low quality pics than usual
      Doesn’t matter how many pics he doing in months 20 or 30, quality is not getting better at all

  14. anthony says:

    the pic of ino x tsunade is very good isea :D

  15. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Naruto pixxx >>>>> all

  16. saucium says:

    Hallo, Rex. No problem. You may want to consider adding cayenne pepper and wheatgrass/barleygrass to your daily fare. They work wonders for high blood pressure. :) Take care and be well!

  17. B1ackR0se says:

    I would Like to see atless one of Ameyuri Ringo in the near future.

  18. Daril says:

    Hai my name is daril,, i hope your high blood pleasure is going to healty

  19. It’s good to hear that you are not dead. Hahha, I was just kidding. :P Anyway, it’s a relief to hear that you health is better now. Hope you get healthy soon enough.

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