Naruto’s Bitch Girls

Posted on: January 6th, 2013 by Rex 10 Comments

Requested by Decu

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  1. RandomQueen says:

    Almost touches perfection. Could you try making something with the villains..let’s say Madara or Toby? Anyway,good job : )

  2. LJK says:

    amaru is pretty hot
    good pic :)

  3. GodOfPeace says:

    They have a LONG way ahead of them if they want to engulf the whole dildo.:D
    It looks pretty hot though, interesting pairing.^^

  4. Ino fan says:

    Thats a giant dildo it can break their pussy a part nice job :)

  5. Defuck says:

    Pretty interesting pair and original idea but GodOfPeace and Ino fan is right this dildo too long but this is not a big problem lol
    By the way this is the first lesbian pic for Amaru and Sara and this is great. Hopefully some day we’ll see and lesbian debut for Ayame Mabui Kurotsuchi Rin Karura and other girls ;)

  6. Mystogan says:

    This would be even hotter if their pussies make contact.

  7. Naruzuiha says:

    Lol got that right redheads always with naruto

  8. maxatadze says:

    please next picture will be ryuzetsu and hinata,please:)

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