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Requested by Akatsuki Member

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  1. Akatsuki Member says:

    Hi Rex Thanks alot for this beautiful super hot assview Excellent as usual. Thanks again

  2. lukoil says:

    her face so big LOl

  3. guxin says:

    I want to see the picture of kushina and konan lesbian

  4. Ino fan says:

    I’m very sorry and really shamed 2 say that but not so cool bro i didnt expect something like that from ya,every thing is unreal :(

  5. InsertGayNameHere says:

    WHOA. This looks really weird when I first saw it!

  6. Ocioso says:

    Yes, her face looks weird unlike last Temari picture.

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    That’s a very unique pose, I have to say.:D But it looks really good! However, her face lookin’ kinda weird, indeed, not so Temari like.:/

  8. Felix says:

    @Rex, is it possible to get access only to narutopixxx? I’m only interested in your artwork because really your fellows from the other pixxx sites aren’t that good. Just the truth, no offense.

  9. Shade says:

    This picture looks strange at first glance, but perhaps it’s just because of the perplexing position. On closer inspection it’s actually rather good. Her body is in proportion despite the unusual angle and her facial expression is excellent.

  10. Naruzuiha says:

    More Temari pixxx por vafor! :D I love her assview so hot in that position it’s nice I’d like to see her in bed getting tapped by naruto and her face is so lovely and is remarkable enjoys it

  11. Madara says:

    Cool! Will it be better if there will be Madara?

  12. JIE says:


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