Kunoichi Must Be Very Flexible(Kurenai)

Posted on: January 4th, 2013 by Rex 46 Comments

Requested by FPS Budz

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  1. LJK says:

    2.You are the Faggot

  2. Creed says:

    thats not that flexible, nonetheless great pic!

  3. Eragon says:

    Seriously? This asshole again? David Brown, I know it’s your request!

    • JulCan1987 says:

      Okay, first of all, I don’t really like Sasuke, but why does everyone say he’s gay?

      • FallenAngel says:

        Nice work REX, dont listen this faggots, about Sasuke… they have badhurt/

      • krasio says:

        maybe because he is not intrested in girls in the anime

        if there are any mistakes….well sorry for english

        • KayDelso says:

          No man without wife “is intrested in girls” in the anime. If Sasuke is gay, so Naruto is, Choji too, Kiba too, Lee too, Gai too… Etc.

          The guys hates Sasuke because they’re stupid kids haters. They’ll grow later.

        • TheS says:

          There are many characters in the anime that aren’t intereseted in girls does that make them all gay?

        • gaara love says:

          That doesn’t make someone gay you fucking retard, SAI would make a more definition of a faggot considering he looked at naruto’s dick several times in the series

        • Shade says:

          Does that mean Neji is gay as well?

        • KayDelso says:

          So, Kiba is gay, Neji too, Lee too, Maito Gai (Gay haha… no.) too, Sai too, Darui too, C too, Genma too, Raido too… And Naruto of course. He is the ultimate gay… He want to fuck Sasuke.

          So many guys without wife are more gays than Sasuke in the anime.

          Haters must grow up.

  4. Theloveboat says:

    You sakura and sasuke haters are fucking annoying. not just in hentai, but naruto in general

  5. New_Member says:

    Realy hot. I wanted to see more of this couple. :)

  6. Ino fan says:

    Omg,what a combination of flexible and doggy style i love 2 see more of this tnx bro

  7. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Damn, first his mom, Kushina, Konan, Mei, Anko, and now Kurenai. MILF lover.

  8. Great pic of Kurenai, but why with that bitch? :( After my opinion that fag don’t deserve to be on this awsome site, but what could I do. A request is a request, and therefore I will accept it.

  9. rkopre says:

    ^ Without Sasuke, if possible; my annual dose of emo is already too much.

  10. shiro says:

    luv kurenai-chan anko-chan and konan-chan but damn ! emo gay… orochi paedophile and water boy sas uke fanboy…

    ffs your pics are breathtaking but request sux as bad as my gf :/

    • InsertGayNameHere says:

      Yes, let’s all listen to the gentlemen talking about Orochimaru on a Kurenai picture. Yes, let’s see how he can’t form a complete sentence, that’ll show you! Hey, why not write to Kishimoto, he’ll listen to you! Whooo!

      • Shade says:

        Lol. Why are people so bothered by Sasuke in these pictures? Sure, in the anime he’s a creepy, depressing pain in the ass, but in hentai… As long as his rod is inside a hot girl I couldn’t care less.

      • Dakushna says:

        Orochimaru is a good villain at least, Sasuke is just a cock puppet for the daily bad guy -> Itachi -> Orochimaru -> Tobi/Obito
        He’s ruled by his anger and arrogance and that’s not really good for shinobi

        • InsertGayNameHere says:

          Orochimaru is not involved in this picture. That’s the thing, when it comes to Sasuke in a fucking hentai photo, you have the dick riders always rating his pictures low. I have no clue why it bothers people so much, I’m here for Kurenai, not for him, I couldn’t care less who she’s paired up with.

  11. Matt says:

    Keep up the good work sir.

  12. Matt says:

    Don’t let these idiot haters tell you which male character to use. People just don’t realize Sasuke’s over awesomeness.

  13. Sasukefan says:

    Omg sasuke is sexy in all sense i like kurenai’s position and how sasuke is dominating her

  14. BlackStar says:

    I bit confused about it. You already did many pics in this pose but never before this wasn’t it as a flexible pic, as for me every girls may being fucking in this pose doesn’t matter are they flexible or not, This pic is not deserved a being in this series, sorry

    • glamorus says:

      I agree with you. The previous one for OrochiKonan looks much more “flexibly” than this one, And this pic is the most simplest in this series (I mean position)

  15. 1977150613wang says:


  16. gaara love says:

    You sasuke haters are so fucking annoying. if it wasn’t for him this series wouldn’t even had been this popular. you call him gay? no, sai is gay for wearing that faggot ass shirt, hugging naruto in a gay manner that scared him,oh and stared at his dick several times in hot springs.

    sasuke emo? no.. obito is a prime example of a emo, starting a fucking war over rin’s dead corpse and saying the most clich’e emo-ish quotes in the series about life no meaning. it’s funny how the fan base always supports the most cliche characters and hates the more realistic ones. guess that proves just how gullible, shallow and mindless fucks narutards are.

  17. penis says:

    Why her red eyes became black?

  18. narutouzumaki says:

    nice kunoichi

  19. Dakushna says:

    Just one thing 4 all of you Sasutards: I can see your IPs so your multiple posts with different names just look retarded to me, but whatever floats your boat, its the internet AKA serious business.

  20. Sexkage says:

    Okay seriously what’s it with all the hating here?
    80% of the comments here are ‘hidden due to low rating’ even if all they say is ‘nice’
    Then there’s all those people hating on sasuke and everyone who doesn’t…

    Don’t get me wrong, sasuke is not NEARLY one of my favorite characters, but calling him a gay fag emo goes somewhat far…
    He’s still one of kishimoto’s creations, and a real naruto fan can appreciate each and every of the characters..

    Also, I agree that this isn’t really ad flexible as you’d expect in this series, but it’s a good picture nonetheless

    Fuck the word ‘sasufags’, ‘narutards’ ot whatever, we’re Naruto fans for fuck’s sake…

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