Posted on: December 25th, 2012 by Rex 37 Comments
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Requested by pikachu

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  1. wolf191000 says:


    What a thoughtfull and Pleasurable Gift Naruto gets. Lucky Fox.

    GREAT work as always Rex and Merry Christmas.

  2. SweetBlow says:

    Hot pic!
    Quite many Ino-Naruto-suggs lately :)
    Got nothing against it, but still it would be an odd pairing, probably just sex-friends and nothing more :P

  3. Mr.Cuddlesworth says:

    Ino in a DP pic…BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER! :D

  4. Akura says:

    Great job Rex and anymore coming today?

  5. Chaos says:

    No questions asked, 10/10!!! SUCH A GREAT CHRISTMAS PIC!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! =)

  6. Awesomesauce says:

    DP! DP! DP! <3 fuck Ino harder damnit!!!

  7. KiraGio says:

    Oh, this is so cool!

  8. MagicMan says:

    Hell yea! Ino on Christmas? What could be better?

  9. Aqua says:

    By the way this already a fourth pic Ino in this month she got much more shine latest few months than Sakura and Hinata and nobody don’t crying about it
    The fucking double standarts and hater’s crap

  10. Krasio says:

    Ino fucked by two dicks….this shit is hot

  11. Krasio says:

    Marry Christmas to all!

  12. Ino lover says:

    OMG YES!!!! I love all these Ino pics!! Sooo hot!! Merry christmas! Keep it up!

  13. Shade says:

    Merry Christmas indeed…

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  15. Dakushna says:

    Merry fucking Christmax to everyone!

  16. Cavpal says:

    My presents can’t compare with this! I hate Santa, lazy old fuck…

  17. GodOfPeace says:

    I’m pretty sure you’ve forgot to color her pussy, though it’s a bit hard to tell.:)

    But it’s an awesome gift, nevertheless!

  18. Naruzuiha says:

    Ino is so fucking fine as he’ll look at her ass as yeah narutos getting it now lol they’re good together :D I’d like to do anal first I mean she’s SI fucking hot the way she moans n her face is priceless

  19. Violet says:

    Again members are giving a low ratings for pics Can’t imagine why they would be, though.
    Members must be an unbelievably happy to have the able to paying and waiting a few months or years or even to the rest of life to get their request will be fulfiled when Rex decided to turn this site into Narusaku and NaruIno fanclub for joy of the group of non-members. members must be very thankful to you to being an ignored forgoten and rejected if their requests is compete with those two blessed by non-members pairs,

  20. jupmod says:

    I love it! Ino gets gangbanged by Naruto and his clones! Awesome! We need more gangbangs with the girls getting banged in an orgy! :D

  21. Jirayo says:

    This is the worst day in life of Narusakutards
    NaruHina WON in Holy war

    Next Christmas you should make pic for another real canonic pair not for lame one what you preaches every fucking year

  22. Chaos says:

    R-ex I know this is out of hand and all, and that u dont make requests from free members and all, but I think I can speak for everyone that this week’s manga was SO EPIC!! And Naru-Hina fans rejoice from today’s chapter. So please, I’d be lying to say it isn’t a request, but, PLEASE MAKE A NARU-HINA PIC!!! Just so we can dedicate it to their love and passion for each other now. Happy holidays all!

    • jayday says:

      I am a member, But I am too lazy to log in because it says wrong code so I click back and do it again and works lol. i sugguested a cool naruxhina and sauxsaku picture should be due in 3 months.

      But YES I agree Rex you should do your own pixxx of Naruto and Hinata to celebrate this weeks chapter.
      All I say is suck naruxsaku fans who would whine on youtube! This chapter is proof that naruxhina ftw :D

    • Defuck says:

      This is really the best time for Naru+Hina pic but afraid Rex as NaruSaku fan must be a very disappointed and devastated now, and he probablyu won’t do any NaruHina for near months

    • SweetBlow says:

      I really don’t know what will happen next chapters, I have a bad feeling about her “health”. But it seems like Naruto did fall for her this chapter because he (better late than never!) realized that she was always by his side. Can’t wait for “True Love Pt.4″ :)

      • Preacher says:

        Naruto 615 was terribad, essentially Neji gave up his life just to make Naruto go mushmush on Hinata….. Kishimoto’s script has really gone to shit since the beginning of shippuden.. Fairy Tail, here I come!

    • Naruziha says:

      I wouldn’t mix seeing that I prefer narusaku but marijuana is great pixxd at love among and hi at sure is Georgius with that long straight hair n eyes
      It should be titled what Neil left in care for Hinata or final true love since te in the war arc.

  23. Defuck says:

    By the way 27 December is a Hinata’s birthday.
    Kishi did the best gift for her,

  24. BlackStar says:

    So Naruhina fandom got a second Christmas while Narusaku fandom got a second end of world

  25. Killer Bee says:

    WOW looks like the Hinatahaters and Narusaku fans came here finally and began does what they does the best, give the thumb down for every comments what doesn’t support or conflict with their the only absolutely right opinion
    Keep it up in this way, after all this is only one thing what you could to do now.

  26. Victor says:

    I has the one brilliant request
    Naruto and Sakura hot steamy sex and call it “NaruSaku R.I.P.”

  27. inolover says:

    naruto got to fuck ino 4 times in a month…….i am damn jealous of naruto!!
    hot pic dude!!

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