Posted on: December 16th, 2012 by Rex 52 Comments
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More X mas themed pix coming later today.

52 Responses

  1. JC says:

    First!!! ¿?
    okay sooo hot
    she is the hottest girl
    ok no, but she is so pretty
    i would love to put my dick into her pussy too
    :D congratulations Rex Happy X-mas to you and to everybody here :P

  2. Bub says:

    Bout time Sasuke got some hentai.

  3. cake says:

    Sasuke i gives disgust

  4. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Oh wow, Karin looks really good in this

  5. KazekageRules says:

    YO Rex this is awesome it’s been a while since I saw Sasuke.
    I know you say no requests from comments but try doing naruto and sasuke double teaming on Sakura and title it which one of us do you love the most

  6. tenshiro says:

    dear god… her socks looks soo hawt :D

    cant wait for my xmas gift gue hue hue :)

  7. Grunt says:

    Damn Karin looking good now thats a gift =)

  8. Sayian says:

    Lol, guess whose cumming this holiday season :)

  9. SweetBlow says:

    Hope I’ll get the same present lol.
    “More X mas themed pix coming later today!” Ohh YES can’t wait to see ‘em :P
    Thanks Santa!

  10. pami says:

    please make the same pic with Naruto and Sakura *-*

  11. GodOfPeace says:

    Sweet~! Thanks for listening to our wishes and making christmas-themed pics!*.* I really hope that there are more where it came from!^^

  12. Hanare says:

    when a christmas gift for NaruKo by its 3 sensei? (Iruka Kakashi and Yamato)
    :D ihihihi

  13. JC says:

    That ass
    That redhair girl
    so fucking hot
    If she were real i would love to put my dick into her mouth
    *ww* she’s cute
    Happy x-mas Rex and Happy X-mas to everybody here :P

  14. Bub says:

    How come by comment isn’t visable.

  15. madara says:

    holy shit, damn that’s hot, probably the best karin pic u’ve done to date. great work, rex u sir are awesome

  16. LaLaLla says:

    I love this picture but can you put more pictures with sasuke and sakura please ?? ;)

  17. TeenFlash09 says:

    Awesome! Will Hinata get an Uzumaki gift up her stocking this Christmas? And yes, that is an innuendo. <3

    • sakuhina says:

      Rex is a NaruSaku fan and never will be draw any NaruHina or SasuSaku pics as the own idea, especially Christmas themed pic, should wait NaruSaku soon and some crazy unreal pairing for Hinata, Rex as usual loves draw such Christmas themed pics for Hinata

  18. Eragon says:

    The Sasutards have invaded this site too, what a sad day.

    • InsertGayNameHere says:

      Is it because someone requested Sasuke? I’m confused to what a Sasutard is, considering the fact that the fanbase of Naruto are called Narutards. If so, is that a bad thing?

      Merely curious.

      • Eragon says:

        A ‘tard’ is an annoying fanboy/fangirl who can’t see any flaw in the character he/she idolizes and usually writes with many punctuation marks !1!1, keeps asking for more and derides all the other characters

        • Defuck says:

          Hey mister, did you can’t see what this is not a requests from member this Rex did as own idea. So he must being a Sasuketard now, isn’t he?
          I must to agreed with you that “Tards” is an annoying persons what really pissed off so much, but there other much more an annoying persons – Haters, and you,sir, are one from them.

        • Mizu says:

          Sasutard vs Narutard , please less Sasuke ^^’

        • InsertGayNameHere says:

          So basically everyone here, since that’s all I see when someone makes a request. People are still getting mad when people request a certain character that they don’t like?

        • Shade says:

          So if people have preferred characters they must be mentally ill? Do you actually listen to your own thoughts or do you just clutter the comments section with them? Fuck, you people are annoying.

        • Natts says:

          People like most Sasuke haters piss me off, I wish Sasuke had some fans here that edged out all the loathing.

  19. rkopre says:

    Sasuke: he sucks harder than Jenna Jameson

  20. Mizu says:

    I wonder why the selfish people want to see every time or Naruto or Sasuke , there are less of Kakashi , Shikamaru , Sai , Neji , Kiba and Rock Lee

  21. glamorus says:

    People, your annoying bitching just killing me off. Previous pic for Sasuke rex was did 8 October, but some guys get started whining like rex are drawing Sasuke for every few days. You are serious, people? Now he is so minor forgoten character like Shino Shikamaru RockLee Neji Kiba Yamato Kankuro Orochimaru Suigetsu etc.
    Though really would be nice to see more pics with those forgoten unlucky minor boys but with not one and same girls; Shikamaru not only with Temari or Ino, Neji not only with Tenten or Hinata, Suigetsu not only with Karin, Chouji not only with Ino, Yamato not only with Shizune, RockLee not only with Tenten, etc

    variety and fresh ideas would be excellent

  22. Shizune says:

    It looks like Sasuke doesn’t like his gift :D

  23. ThatGuy says:

    Wow sexy xmas pics for the win! cant wait to see more of your awesome
    art work Rex. My favorite character is Minato so i hope he also makes
    the cut for the xmas treats along with some of the other characters we
    haven’t seen in awhile.

    From: That Guy
    P.s – Cant wait for more i adore your work :)

  24. Fan :) says:

    Just what’s wrong with Sasuke’s face? o.O

  25. JC says:

    Karin is fucking hot
    i would love to put mi dick into her mouth
    i miss Konan and Samui :(
    good job Rex
    i hope you make more of these pics

  26. 6sony says:

    Please next pic Tsunade double penetration
    Flexible fuck Mei
    Hinata anal

  27. Jan Been says:

    Very good and Karin – Wow

  28. Nask says:

    Sasuke > Naruto.

    You haters can just shove it.

    • Joe Grizzly says:

      Oh an internet tough guy, I’m so scared! Like someone mentioned before, re-tards are full of shit and you are no exception

  29. NarutoLover says:

    Naruto, Harem, shadow clone,redHeads. Perfect ingredient for the ultimate harem! Also nice pic dude I’m impressed

  30. Defuck says:

    Seems rex are very busy right now, probably he have preparing to the end of world in this moment

  31. narutoXxXfan says:

    Yipiiiiee a Karin Pic again! Like if you wanna more of Karin, too!

  32. Narm says:

    Why is this pic so rated poorly compared to the others, I’ll never get Sasuke hate.

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