Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by Rex 24 Comments
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Requested by obelisk

24 Responses

  1. Narutopixxxfan says:

    Omg nice pic rex i remember this pic request from a while ago sexy pic.

  2. Kubo says:

    Awesome Sara pic..

  3. Ino fan says:

    Men Minato is a lucky guy , sara look fucking hot here

  4. cake says:

    I wish it was Naruto

  5. Riot Of Blood says:

    Rex … What happened to the title? You’ve done an image with the same name.

  6. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Why label it Minato when you can’t even tell it’s him, lol? I do like Sara’s reaction though.

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    This is frickin’ hot, Saara’s as beautiful as always, though there’s one minor flaw, her midsection seems to be way too “wide” I’m afraid.:[ Her hips and her stomach, she should be a lot thinner, after all she’s a petite girl.

    It’s unfortunate, but other than that, it’s pretty sexy! Minato is lucky indeed~ I guess he’s seeing a young Kushina in her.:p

  8. GodOfPeace says:

    By the way, there was a pic called ‘Minato’s secret mission’ already, wasn’t there?0.o
    Well, not that it matters, just noticed..

  9. Shizune says:

    eh,were worse pic’s,were better.

  10. Mizu says:

    It’s a repetitive couple but this is better then the old pic

  11. Shade says:

    This picture is rather disappointing. First off, there’s already a picture with this title – with the same pairing I might add. It an be easily changed though, so that’s the least of my concerns. Secondly, this is basically identical to “Rough Ride” except it’s Minato and not Naruto. Finally, Sara isn’t drawn well. She looks quite fat and lumpy when she’s supposed to be slim, and the nipple placement looks wrong to me. Overall, not a great effort, Rex. You’re better than this.

  12. KuriGohan and Kamehameha says:

    So thats where Minato was when Rin got killed.

  13. Sakurasucks says:

    You know something, If there’s one thing i haven’t seen on this site is a MinatoxRin, you should do something like that. Great pic by the way, i love Sara’s expressions XD

  14. Neeba says:

    @GoP: My guess would be someone made a similar request after seeing the first picture, but wanted to see it in a different position, like anal.:p

    This is a good pic! No such thing as too much Saara^^. But I noticed her skin color is off…she’s never been tan, but instead has fair light skin. Seems like there’s not as much details as there used to be too, like her pupils and the gorgeous shading you used to do. It’s still enjoyable nonetheless:)

    Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, congrats on doing 30 pictures all by the end of October!!:D That was the first time you’ve done that since September of last year *_* I know you’re trying to keep up the pace, but it would be great if details were not foregone in the process. I always preferred your old work because your quality was second to none. Anyway, keep up the great work!! ^_^

  15. Kazema says:

    Anal+Sara= SEXY AS FUCK

  16. sakuhina says:

    Censorship came back again, it must be another bonus for members.
    And after this you want respect and nice attitude from members.

  17. penis says:

    NozokiAnaPixxx pleas ):

  18. Killer Bee says:

    So October has been ended and update daily too
    Just great!

  19. cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene says:

    I like this one :)

  20. cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene says:

    Yeah!! I really like this one but, the quality is poor!!
    I mean, You used to draw Sära very well… and now, there are many details that have to be corrected…
    Go! you can do better!! no matter if you take too ;)

  21. marvin says:

    minato namikaze is one of the most underrated character in nruto

  22. Luigi says:

    Muito foda

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