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  1. otakugene says:

    This is beautiful.

  2. Theuumone says:

    You should really color it rex.

  3. night42 says:

    Cool!!! Finally Kushina :)
    I love Kushina guys, plz respect that ;)
    Excellent pic and angle

  4. Kiba-kun says:

    Hell yeah! Kushina!

  5. Ninjan says:

    Just brilliant.

  6. KayDelso says:

    Omomomomom *_*


  7. koolaidman452 says:

    When it gets colored imma fap to this 24/7

  8. hi says:

    HEy I was just wondering if you would ever do a Kurshina and Naruko one? be awesome also I like your holloween ones they are great and if youd dont collor this one like you forgot to do with one a long time ago(its still uncolored)
    we shall pout horrbly and give you headaches

  9. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Ohhh mother of MILFS

  10. 6sony says:

    Hi Please Tsunade must very flexible anal
    Mei Terumi Cowgirl :D

  11. Kubo says:

    Hot ass..

  12. Animus 3.0 says:

    Keep it going with the halloween pixxx rex loving every last one of em.

  13. PeePig says:

    Amazing speed, Rex! Keep it up, and great pic btw!

  14. kiba98 says:

    great pic love her ass i have not seen kiba in a while i would love to see him in a costume

  15. john says:

    please please please rex do a pic with kiba and sakura in a 69 position it would be great

  16. Typhoon says:

    As nice of a picture as this is… I honestly have no clue what Kushina is supposed to be dressed up as.

    • Mr. Locke says:

      A cheerleader I think…
      It’s always good to see Kushina but it’s a shame that I can’t see her boobs from this angle.
      But then again, there have been so much pics with her full body naked already that I totally don’t mind this one :)

  17. KiraGio says:

    Oh god … *-*

  18. Mizu says:

    nice view

  19. wolf191000 says:


    Nice coloring too.

  20. Khedron says:

    Good now finish the Granny Fuck pic!

  21. thatonekid100 says:

    Oh dear god, that ass. I love you Rex.

  22. Jacketguy says:

    Mmm I could just eat her ou- up !… nah I mean out :)

  23. oceaneyes says:

    What is she supposed to be? She’s not a cheerleader, because that’s what Shizune is and they look vastly different from each other.

  24. koolaidman452 says:

    Im fapping to this right now Kushina is gonna make me cum

  25. Jacketguy says:

    The only thing I can see her costume being as (other than a cheerleader of couse) is a schoolgirl. You know the ones with the skirts and big ass socks, except this student is obviously one of the bad ones :D

  26. koolaidman452 says:

    my new fav pic i swear if Kushina was real i would fuck her as hard as i could

  27. Hugplx says:

    I love Kushina, and I love everything about the pic except for the fact that her breasts aren’t displayed. It could have been angled better to include them.

  28. Random fucktard with HTML Code says:

    Just testing whether HTML works or not.

    Oh, by the way, if it does not work, my HTML code includes an image URL to a 1600×2202 image of this.

    Hot damn, that ass!

  29. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Mom!! What are you doing!!? Why!!? I know your a babe but showing your “you know what” isn’t sexy I’m going to tell Dad!

  30. jupmod says:

    Wow! Kushina is absolutely HOT in this pose! Love it! :)

  31. KayDelso says:

    I’m not a member but if a member can request a Fugaku/Kushina named “Making Menma Uzumaki” or “Menma uzumaki real father… =x

    Whatever, thx.

  32. damn,kushina is one hot mum. she is all bent over like a naughty sneaky cheeky little ninja.oh i so want to fuck her ninja pussy and ass.i want to give her a good seeing to with my big ninja tool.

  33. dcf0722 says:


  34. 12345大哥好· says:


  35. jonatha says:

    por fabor cmo puedo ser mienbro sin targeta de tredito por fabor me pogria desir o cmo me puedo regitra

  36. Tim says:

    F@#K YOU MINATO!!!!

  37. kushinalovr says:

    i want to fuck kushina c so hot i want to lick that beautiful gorgeous pussy and body!!oh fuck me kushina a

  38. xNarutoXxX says:

    Can you please do Kushina and Mikoto in School Uniform like this one and call it “Old School Times”. Thank You Rex!

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