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Requested by kurtis

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  1. GodofPeace says:

    Wow! *o* Amazing pic, absolutely FAPtastic! xD You sure are on a roll Rex~
    My only complaint is her boobs are far too small (she is a DD milf :D ) but it is decent however. I believe it has been awhile since we’ve seen Sakura also. Anyway, keep it up~

    • GodOfPeace says:

      Why can’t you come up with your own name instead of using mine?>_> So many trolls/impostors..

      Anyway, no I think her breasts are perfect as they’re, there’s no need to give every “MILF” DD cup just because they’re milfs. Kushina never really was a busty woman anyway (I would say she has around C cup, pretty much the same size as she has here).
      So I think it’s perfect, beautiful pic overall.

  2. hantaii says:

    Putain j’aimerais trop lui rentrez ma grosse bite dans sa chatte a cette chere Kushina je vais lui faire jouire lui sodomiser jusqu’a quelle ne peut plus ! puis je vais rentrez ma grosse bite dans sa bouche jusqu’a quelle s’etoufe ! *-*

  3. haruno.jeanne says:

    why he didn’t put a pic with sakura?we waited 3 months for her and he put 1 photo and with Hinata 3,and where is Ino,Temari,I hope that we will see a picture with Sakura-Ino-Temari

    • Shizune says:

      Haruno.jeanne,there’s bunch of sakura hentai,all over internet. and not that much with hinata.And plus,sakura is getting boring,I think we need “fresh” girls.
      And about this pic-im disappointined.
      Three days waiting and a poor Assview pic?
      I was waiting at least a threesome pic.
      But well,better then nothing.Kushina is nice ^^

      • haruno.jeanne says:

        she deserve to be in atention,she is the main charakter,she appeared more and more time with naruto,hinata deserve to be with naruto,and on internet you find and ugly pics,doujinshi with sakura,hinata,ino,temari,tenten,and here we can find beautiful pictures,but I hate some pairings,and if I will become memeber,I will request my payrings,and to say someting,who was member for 2,3,4,etc years,Why they don’t receive their request?and who became a member earlier take his request?

        • Nero says:

          Seeing Sakura all the time would get old. Main character or not. Seeing ANY character all the time gets old, though I agree we’ve been seeing her less and less than I like. But if you’re coming here for pairings, you’re in the wrong place. Seriously. If you expect to see Sakura with Naruto all the time (any pairing for that matter), or vice versa, you’re going to be disappointed. If you don’t like a paring, nobody is forcing you to look at the picture of said pairing. Judge a picture by quality, not the characters involved. If you want particular pairings so bad, go to or some other website.

  4. wolf191000 says:

    It has to be said Kushina is the no.1 HOT Mum in the Naruto Series.

    She’s Erotically Hot. “NICE” Request and GREAT work Rex.

  5. Mizu says:

    Nice work dattebanee !!

  6. DeusX999 says:

    Great job! Just beautiful! And beautiful breasts. I am glad that the actual size of the breast appear more often.

  7. Naru says:

    Wah i love this

  8. Itachi says:

    (*) (*)
    > << My reaction.

    I'm also missing to see Naruto fucking Sakura.
    And please make more of Kushina, Mei and Anko fucking with some guy in a position exciting, and with an expression of orgasm.
    That would be cool.

  9. maturelover says:

    love this pic :]

    tho what happened with her left leg ?

    mei, anko, kushina, mikoto, konan, kurenai, tsunade, shizune, yugao… MOAAAH !

  10. ocatzuka says:

    this is hot, what about kushina with leg spread?

  11. zaabi says:

    Kushina is the best character mwaaaaa !!!

  12. Yann nogaz says:

    Man can u do please an pic whit ino hinata mei tsunade and kushina showing there ass and also it was a great exwlente pict am a fan rex

  13. night42 says:

    Sorry about this, Rex, but… i don’t like this pic very much. The left leg and her pussy are a bit… weird.

  14. DeusSex says:

    Sorry Rex bute I think that your last pics are sucks(Sorry fore this comment I’m nhote trying to trolling. This is just my opinion)
    I mean that you can draw a better than this.

    • dreamer says:

      I totally agree with this: Huge breasted Ino and small breasted Kushina Rex when you gonna stop change the breast size for every girls with every new pics, Kushina’s crack anatomy and very bad angle for a creampie babe

      • Heisenberg says:

        That it ever came to mind to you two shit heads that this was how it was requested? You lowly ingrates need to stop with your unappreciated comments.

        • DeusSex says:

          Bro I understand that you are mad on our comments.
          Bute belive me I’m like this Pixxx projects and I’m just saing that Rex can draw a better than this!
          The last pics of this month are nhote great as much as the pics frome the previous month.

  15. jacketguy says:

    Is it me or has there been a lot of red lately ? But hey I’m not complaining, RED-HEADS FTW ! :D

  16. Riot Of Blood says:

    I love the expression on the face of Kushina besides the pose and background, but like others feel some errors in the left leg and her breasts, but I think that is why it has the same pose.

    Anyway, great picture of my favorite redhead Naruto, keep up the good work Rex.

  17. KushinaLover says:

    Stunning pic Rex! hot!

  18. Arashi says:

    kushina we meet again *nosebleed*

  19. naruzuiha says:

    Perfect FUCK! sweet kushina pixxx goergous woman

  20. xxxxxxxx says:

    Good to see Kushina again :]
    Also Rex, not to be a pest, but please dont forget Granny Fuck.

  21. Joshua says:

    Minato is one lucky bastard!

  22. Blueblitz says:

    Need a version of her getting fucked like that I sure want to.

  23. Pixiv says:

    Dont listen to them Rex your art is as great as always keep the good work!

  24. Sorrowful Hand says:

    Kushina is a piece of art! She is inviting you to go fuck her. Well done, Bravo! Minato is one lucky bastard

  25. Shade says:

    Her left foot is mutating… but other than that, nice work. Oh, and please colour Granny Fuck. We’ve suffered long enough I think.

  26. stan says:

    U’r a stupid dumbfuck!

  27. Hidan says:

    I guess nothing special he just again fucked and trolling the hentaikey and a members

  28. jupmod says:

    And what a nice, sexy ass this lovely MILF have! Love the entire art overall, Rex! Well done! :)

  29. dcf0722 says:

    ko no se ka i ho n to ni da me de su ne

  30. dcf0722 says:

    do you like this girl?

  31. erurouraito says:


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