Posted on: August 19th, 2012 by Rex 39 Comments
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Requested by Fatalpixxx

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  1. GodOfPeace says:

    why is it that as hanabi grows older she is becoming cuter then hinata, no offense hinata is cute but she ain’t got noting on lil sis

  2. sayian says:

    your drawing skills just keeps getting better

  3. RealDD says:

    Somebody finished draining the water out of his socks ! :D just kidding, nice to see your back on track !

  4. Killer Bee says:

    why cant u draw foots ? ;/

    90 % of pics they r behind scene, i know its a lot of details but…

  5. waywayway says:


  6. haruno_jeanne says:

    when will appear sakura and temari?

  7. John9119 says:

    Good to have you back, big picture, hinata and hanabi are beautiful. I appreciate his art is unique, and it is a shame not to know those q value, as those who know and those who do not critican.bye

  8. Mizu says:

    Great *_*

  9. New says:

    Rex, will there be more updates today? :)

  10. Arashi says:

    great to have you back rex i cant wait for your pics bro

  11. Riot Of Blood says:

    For me that idiot Sasuke is superfluous, what I really liked was the pose, the proportions of Hanabi’s tits and gesture pleasure having XD.

    Excellent return Rex, one of my favorite kunoichi. I expect more updates from you.

  12. FatalPIXXX says:

    Thanks very much for brilliant artwork and sorry for my whining

  13. Ideas Ninja says:

    It’s nice to see a picture with the younger brother of the Uchiha clan and the younger sister of Hyuga clan. It seems that throne chair in the Uchiha hideout gets quite a bit of action.

  14. AI says:

    This is a great pic. Love the position… but are her eyes closed, or just really small?

  15. The Lazy Genius says:

    We demand Fairy Tail PIXXX!

    • sub zero says:

      fuck fairy tail, girls look fucking stupid with their oversized and overrated breast, they all leven ook the fucking same with little differences between each one, they’ll be no point of even requesting those.

      • DingDong says:

        Fuck you too :)
        Fairy Tail rules!!!
        Go and watch your Naruto you piece of shit!!

        • sub zero says:

          I will watch some naruto, it’s better than reading some carbon copy bimbos.

        • DingDong says:

          Yeah go and watch your Naruanus :)
          Can you show me a normal fighting scene in naruto?NO!!
          Because in naruto all characters are standing and speaking and thay are nhote even fighting.

        • sub zero says:

          I’ll admit, lately in the manga it has been cheesy and overrated with the motivational speeches, especially involving the war, which is an “downer” but I would rather be forced to listen to naruto’s and kage’s repetitive and “annoying” speeches again and again then have to read stupid fairy tail for dumb plot reasons. and besides, you can’t expect their to just be fighting the whole fucking time, this isn’t dbz where they stall for so many episodes, then continue the purpose of naruto is to involve talking.

          - as for girls, clearly it seems you’ll agree with me that naruto females are much more attractive and actually differ from one another, making them much more pleasing and sexier for each person, fairy tail girls look the same, considering that you’re insulting the naruto series for dumb reasons and seem to not enjoy naruto, why are you here? for the girls huh? like I figured, deep down inside you know the bitches in naruto are million times hotter than fairy tail and one piece, which is why theirs an NARUTO pixxx.

        • DingDong says:

          Ok bro you are a Naruto Fan and I’m a Fairy Tail fan.
          I’m dont giving a fuck if you like Naruto!
          Bute Naruto is nhote the best anime in this world.
          So stop judging Fairy Tail.

  16. InsertGayNameHere says:

    Good to see you back Rex! I agree with GodOfPeace, Hanabi has been getting a hell of a lot hotter than Hinata in these recent pics. I mean, compare Hinata’s stripped pic with Hanabi’s, man oh man, the difference. In any case, I love how you put Sasuke on the Uchiha throne while she is reluctantly enjoying it, it kind of shows off the Uchiha dominance.

  17. says:

    Rex ! Amazing Pic . Again ! lol Man your a legend and welcome back :) i still think u should Do More Than one Site , Like for an another Hentai Site Like fairy tail or dbz :D i know its a hard work Tho :/ . Good Job Anyway :)

  18. sasusaku says:

    welcome back rex!! Now you could make an image of the sakura sasuke fucking with the title: Revenge Against Leaf.

  19. Daigo says:

    This pic is grat bute why Hanabi are looks so different?
    (I mean she have a fat face)

  20. Sasuke says:

    This is an amazing pic
    In my opinion Hanabi is better than her sister

  21. haruno.jeanne says:

    seriously?I prefer Hinata

  22. naruzuiha says:

    hanabi is so cute/hot
    at least sasuke deserves some respect

  23. Mr. random says:

    I have one question. Isn’t this the fourth pic of the Sharingan VS Byakugan series.

  24. LIKEABOSS says:

    oo man so great this pic , is really very grat now i play soccer ‘-’

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