Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by Rex 62 Comments
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Requested by Somebody Sp.

62 Responses

  1. nico says:

    very good pic tsunade is a nice girl

  2. Gizmond says:

    In April, only two pics, wtf?

  3. Mr. Locke says:

    Finally hime-sama is back xD

  4. Gabriel says:

    she is so beautiful . <3

  5. Jack says:

    Hey so I love the new pics but can you please finish the other 2 that need coloring? really want to see them. Thanks Rex.

  6. Tomek says:

    if she will be real …. i will fuck she all day and all night , with broke for eat ;-)

  7. Geebee says:

    Cool pic as always

  8. hots for tenten says:

    what about the other black and white ones

  9. Hydrogen says:

    I think this is my favorite lonely Day without Sex picture. It’s so good. How she fingers her pussy an grabs her own boobs. And this expression.
    Yes, her right leg is drawn weird but I’m willing to ignore that.

  10. Itachi Italian says:

    wow what a pic i love tsuna
    more tsuna pic please !!!!!!

  11. sakura says:

    boot of a boy just one day without sex

  12. Reaver says:

    nice pic tsunade is so hot. lol you should have shown jiraya peeking through a mirror XD

  13. Tao says:

    I think I know who that is hehehe sorry about the over requesting Rex, but I am very happy with this :D you’re the best! Believe it!

  14. Awesomesauce says:

    YES!! Tsunade my favorite character! she looks so hot and tight :D

  15. izz says:

    I would’ve prefered if the fingernails were colored

  16. narutouzuiha says:

    Ah Tsunade looks so freakin goergous so fine in that bed i like the fingernails like that!

  17. SJ723 says:

    Nice PiXXX!

    Also, when is FairyTailPiXXX going to be up?

  18. otakugene says:

    Incredibly hot Rex. Well done. There’s something about how you drew her fingers that is really good and adds to overall attractiveness of the pic. fyi: I can tell your detail with hands and feet has really improved over the last year so keep it up.

  19. Niftyness says:

    Her face is done very well. Beautiful.

  20. bacon says:


  21. Mizu says:

    Great work with this Tsunade

  22. Koragg1288 says:

    Awesome pic, could you do a follow up to this where lady tsunade has cum flowing from her pussy & is playing with her clit.

  23. Koragg1288 says:

    Well done, Incredibly hot Rex, could you please do a follow up where lady tsunade has her cum flowing down from her pussy & is playing with her clitoris.

  24. Azurate says:

    Well, I turns out I was right. The people of Konoha are total dumbasses for not giving Tsunade the days of sex she SO much deserves! Rex, you are on fire with your pics!

  25. Eroninja says:

    Thé hottest kunoichi ! She’s so hot. I Want to fuck her every day. Please more Tsunade pic

  26. Gintoki says:

    rex please do a tsunade x jiraiya footjob

  27. STAR KILLER says:

    I know i ask this alot but i dont have the money to become a member
    PLEASE SOME MEMBER from the kindness in your heart request
    ino being fucked in a lush garden please please please please please please please please

  28. Niala says:

    Tsunade is always hot. She is a real goddess.

  29. rikudo says:

    WOW she looks nice
    how old is tsunade

  30. rikudo says:

    great pic but have you ever did a gif pic before

  31. rikudo says:

    This picture is very good, and the position of the finger pussy and I wanted to shake her pussy even more

  32. Setta says:

    You guys really need to laid and stop beating off to these fictional characters, It’s pathetic really. It’s fine to request pics but you guys are talking about fucking something that doesn’t exist. I still feel that rex could be putting his artistic talent to better use, his own webcomic perhaps ?

    • Mr. Locke says:

      Leave these poor nerds alone. They’ll never have a chance with real woman so all they can do is fantasise that they can fuck manga/anime character…

    • WhoDaFckYouThinkUR? says:

      So what yours fucking reason for being here and lecturing us about something we enjoy? Who the fuck are you to judge? go fuck off trollfag. ~_~

    • Kronus says:

      Fuck you Setta. Who the fuck are to judge, and what’s your purpose to coming here to look at pornographic non fictional characters, what else would you do besides fap off to this pics? Do you sit on your ass and admire the “Art” while you sip on your expensive starbucks lifting your pinky up in the air like some liberal elitist? Seriously fuck you. Lol

    • Awesomesauce says:

      Hey fucktard y don’t u consider the possibilities here. U ever think that some of us might have actually gotten laid before (like myself) but r just sick and tired of real world stuck up, bitchy, lying spoiled women? Ive had my fair share of experiences with women before ok and tbh most people in general just suck and r a bunch of elitest fucks like yourself. So I’ve decided to look at women who (in fantasy) are actually nice, good people and can be in any sexual fantasy we wish. So don’t judge and get the fuck off the site because you’re being a hypocrite by even being on here dumbass -_- stupid fucking trollfag

      • Setta = a B with an ITCH says:

        Yea man you tell that stupid bitch Setta, in fact he or she or whatever the fock Setta is definitely fits the description of a

        “real world stuck up, bitchy, lying spoiled women(synomiously bitches)”

        and to Setta, well apparentally youve performed a brilliant troll, i will certainly give you that. so give ahead and pat yourself on the back you lifeless cuntbag. Congrats yourself, you get your daily dose of LAWLS ~_~

  33. Eroninja says:

    I think, her pussy is the best pussy in Naruto, because she uses medical jutsu!
    She has a beautiful boby, and I think, she must sense good because she is a princess. Any ninja would like to fuck her :D

    More pic for the hottest Kunoichi please ;)

  34. Hiori says:

    Where fairytailpixxx
    someone please help me

  35. Harry Potter says:

    Fap fap fap

  36. Animus 3.0 says:

    Remind me does Sakura have one of these?

  37. PinkKitten says:

    pretty please make more drawings of Sakura.^^

  38. SweetBlow says:

    Hey rex there is already a pic called “Give Me A Baby”

    Name should be “True Love Pt.4″ anyways :P

  39. Gabriel says:

    “The Selection of Girlfriend for My Son pt2″ . what do you say rex ? :d

  40. Hinamori says:

    please, hentaikey. stop make famous manga or anime become hentai graphic. it made fans for each series become sad and frustating. just imagine how if children saw their fav anime or manga became hentai graphic??. And how about their parents saw this too??. and the worst, how about their original creators saw this too.
    maybe they will just do palmface.
    honestly, since i saw naruto available in hentai graphic. i started like it better than the original. so??? please stop this. if you dont agree with this, maybe your brain has full of shit……………………………………………………………………..

  41. ikre says:

    oh very nice, but please remake the left leg

  42. tsunadelover says:

    please re-do her left leg

  43. leader says:

    could please make sakura, shizune, and tsunade gangbanged by naruto’s clones?

  44. GreenMan says:

    Awesome job. Personally, I’d like to see one with Tsunami, and multiple Naruto shadow clones. Sorry to bug you for it. Keep up the good work!

  45. Eroninja says:

    I love this picture and all Tsunade’s hot pic . Tsunade is my favorite of all ! :D

  46. grandpa says:

    Best girl ever. I wuold fill her with my cum…

  47. katienator1 says:

    could you do tsunade & itachi please

  48. SHIZUNExxx says:


    btw this pic is sexy as :D love the way she is playing with her boob and her expression

  49. Da Nutt says:

    I missed Tsunade and her busty glory :D

  50. Jiraiya Sama says:

    I think we have tsunade fistfuck Picture

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