Betrayal Of The Clan

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by Rex 37 Comments

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  1. Cherry says:

    Mito has a face as she don’t like the fact that her boobs squeezed >_<
    in previous times her chest was bigger and more beautiful…

  2. Shikamaru says:

    One Of Your Best MASTERPIECE

  3. Reaver says:


  4. inyourface66 says:

    ah but who is really betraying there clan or is it both

  5. hornymary says:

    hey rex, what’s special about march 20, you said there will
    be something on march 20?

    nice work though

  6. Eroninja says:

    Mito is a bitch ^^

  7. Nate says:

    Strangely sensual. Love it. Looks like there’s some actual passion going on (as oposed to pure lust).
    keep up the good work :D

  8. GodOfPeace says:

    very nice rex excellent

  9. YEAH says:

    how bout 1st hokage fucking tsunade while she suck 2nds dick named senju fuckfest

  10. hornyMary says:

    hey rex, what is the big surprise thid march 20,
    you said that there will be something today…

    bTW nice pic

  11. Alpha says:

    Why did you change how you drew the nipple

  12. narutouzuiha says:

    Mito is pretty damn fine in here the color is amazing

  13. Edo tensei says:

    I thought the fairy tale pixxx would be up today but if its just new pics then i guess its better than nothing :/ good work rex. Keep it up lad :P

  14. Mr. Locke says:

    This looks strangely familiar :-)

  15. Ino's Body says:

    This picture is amazing! Her position is perfect; sexually arousing yet full of intimacy, a fitting choice for a betrayal of the clan. Your shading is also as skillful as always.

    Good work Rex, I’m looking forward to the surprises you have in store for us today!

  16. haruno_jeanne says:

    You can make a photo like this with TsunadexSakuraxadara like this but Madar and a clone of Madara,both fucked them on pussy,not anal

  17. JJone says:

    I had one idea,how about Minato fucking Sakura and Naruto Fucking Kushina,name should be Like father like son
    what you think?

  18. Mizu says:

    Mito is really a sexbomb 5/5

  19. grandpa says:

    Nice body, she is very sexy! But I dont like Madara’s hair, its a bit weird…

  20. Strike says:

    Doesn’t Madara’s hair looks like Zoroark from pokemon?

  21. Kidaler says:

    rex says:
    March 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm
    @Yura: stop asking and let’s just see what happens in the 20th of march.

    This is it?

  22. caluto says:

    next Monday is my birthday, please I would like one of Kushina, and Naruto with the clones

  23. Ssq says:

    “what happens in the 20th of march”, what should happen?

  24. Kidaler says:


  25. Pisimito says:

    Well, pic is really cool

  26. Suigetsu says:

    Amazing picture, so is this what madara really desired? could it be because he got rejected by Mito that be became a mysoginist?

    once again rex paints a picture for us in the to a ”what if” in the shinobi world of naruto.

  27. sesshomaru says:

    what’s wrong with her skin, its all pink?

  28. solidus jela says:

    Hojala y yo fuera ella para que el me de lo mio asi ese degraciado esta mas bueno que las habichuelas con dulce y brilla mas que el sol de las doce y pica como el chilin

  29. LONGNOSE 38. says:


  30. Uzumakicest says:

    she looks wonderful, wish her eyes different color though, larger chest as well could do nicely.

    people should start requesting that she let her hair down as well, she and Kushina look like twins.

  31. damen07 says:

    madara looks like a “RUGBY MAN”!! LOL!!

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