Posted on: January 28th, 2012 by Rex 32 Comments
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Requested by wave

32 Responses

  1. Palpatine says:

    I wanted to say something witty and potentially awesome because I never get the first comment, but I couldn’t think of anything. Damn.

    Love the picture though. More blowjob/deepthroat!

  2. magicman says:

    *sigh* all the hot moms are always dead in Naruto. Great job man.

  3. LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

    this is a wierd pic xD theyre going to have a son called nejisuke or a daughter called hinachi

  4. John says:

    More. Mikoto plz and keep up the awesome pics

  5. WutIsLuv says:

    Nice work once again. Good to see that your starting to put up new pictures faster now.

  6. GodOfPeace says:

    Oh nice~ Is it anal ? I can’t tell again.-.-’ It looks like, but there’s no tag, so, I assume it’s not.

    Anyway, Great pic, it’s always good to see the Uchiha Matriarch.=) But indeed, it’s just too bad that all the hot moms are dead.-.-’ *sigh*
    Espacially Kushina.:’(

  7. Gabriel says:

    hot !

    color the linearts !

  8. mysteri-rain says:

    Really nice picture. Rex you are best. But i have a question. When Naruto Uzumaki picture is coming in this new year.

  9. Gabriel says:

    rex, you should start a series >. ? akimichi vs yamanaka ..i dont know :-? i am the man with the idea XD

  10. nick says:

    she so hot

  11. PreachItTo yomama says:

    this pic just made my day.
    good one…5/5

  12. hot12m says:

    is very good but I would like to see one of Kurenai and Kankuro

  13. jupmod says:

    I love seeing hot scenes with this MILF. :)

    Yet for this one, It just gets a ‘Meh’ from me.

  14. mito_is_sexy says:

    naruto kurenai n mikoto with shadow clones

  15. mito_is_sexy says:

    naruto kurenai n mikoto with shadow clones please

  16. John says:

    Hey rex you should make a pic of naruto and kushina while fighting the nine tails, its in the story

  17. katienator1 says:

    more itachi uchiha please this year and many of the girls and by the way this picture is very nice

  18. JC says:

    Damn Mikoto’s hot



  20. Sasuke says:

    I Thought this time I could have a chance to see Sasuke x Hinata, not this time again but I’ll keep waiting. Nice pic

  21. Gabriel says:

    never i think ..

  22. naruzuiha says:

    i like how mikotos body is like so SEXY ASS MILF

  23. FapFapFap says:

    Id say Hiashi is definently winning this one. Mikoto is unable to defend from his Hyuuga Style Gentle Fist Penetration attack..

    Milf tags!

  24. mito_is_sexy says:

    I wonder if rex would do x-over pics for example naruto n momo hinamori

  25. Ideas Ninja says:

    Nice picture! By the way its spelt “Hyuga” not “Hyuuga”

  26. desert blader says:

    i like porn

  27. li li says:

    GOOOOOOOOO MIKOTOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh can you make one with sasuke and kurotsuchi and it says i killed ur blonde friend(meaning deidara)

  28. PredatoR says:

    We need a deepthroat one

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