Bitch On The Beach

Posted on: January 18th, 2012 by Rex 62 Comments

Requested by bomberman

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  1. realDD says:

    oh god yes !

  2. Darkus says:

    Although I do not like sakura image “is fine.” I think because it reminds me of One Piece, my favorite series. Still I hope the picture color Sasame-chan, please rex!

  3. jupmod says:

    OMG! This is soooo hot! Sakura’s expression, her being fuck while in her bikini, her position in the cowgirl position, the entire background, and the guy just being ‘general’ guy! All of this makes for one of the hottest Sakura pics on this site! LOVE IT!

    Rex, you should more art like this one where you come up with great ideas right off the opening and closing credits of the animation. :)

  4. Sasuke says:

    Here is the best and hottest girl you can see in Naruto. No Hinata, no Ino, No Kushina beat her
    Sakura >>> all

  5. Alexandre says:

    Simplesmente perfeita!
    Sakura é a melhor!!!!

  6. narutouzuiha says:

    Just like tsunades pic but this time its sakura and she looks wayy hotter and better Sexiest the sexiest #1 anime girl

  7. Gabriel says:

    Hot ! rex, please color the linearts

  8. Actual says:

    Sakura is the hottest anime girl their is!

  9. DeathlyHallows says:

    Hell yeah ! \m/ Sakura is hottest Naruto girl! And u know,boobs are not everything! As someone before me said:FUCK Tsunade,Ino,Hinata and others,SAKURA is real stuff! :D

  10. otakugene says:

    The right (her left) breast looks a little off but looking good.

  11. Mizu says:

    Yeah on the Beach , like the beach-girls from the ending , like next ino , temari , hinata and ten ten , great work Rex

  12. GodOfPeace says:

    Oh~ so awesome, but I don’t agree with the others below me.

    Now I just hope you’ll make one with Hinata too.^^
    This one just like Tsunade’s are 5/5, easily!

  13. Ideas Ninja says:

    An absolutely amazing picture Rex! Hopefully we’ll get to see the rest of the Konoha girls in the cowgirl position while wearing their swimsuits from the anime ending, and also see pictures of them wearing their alternative swimsuits from the official 2011 calendar picture keep up the great work!

  14. FapFapFap says:

    Sakura is obviously fukking Strawhat Luffy. He gave her his hat while she rode him

  15. Actual says:

    do i see a swimsuit series coming? that would be hot…Sakura and tsunade are done…now we have hinata, ino, konan, kushina, ect…

    • GodOfPeace says:

      This was just a request, also the previous one with Tsunade. So it’s not gonna be a series for sure.
      Although, I really hope someone requested Hinata as well, since we could see her in swimsuit too, in that ending. Maybe, there’s always a chance.^^

  16. SweetBlow says:

    You’ve outdone yourself once again rex, Every single minute you’ve spent on it. Amazing, this perfect pic has so much to offer!
    It’s impossible to tell what I do like most: setting, her priceless face with her hair in motion by her movings and the wind or her clothing pushed aside so we get a good view of her best parts ;)

    Plz more rin AND more chikushodo rex, I beg you

  17. Jizzed in my Hand says:

    ….Well, time to clean up.

  18. x_Kyuubi_z says:

    Well she certainly is a bitch…

  19. blablabla says:

    I have not put a picture of Shizune, an analyst with naruto.

  20. KushinaLova says:

    Won’t SOPA shut this site down?

  21. magicman says:

    Shouldn’t be any reason for it to be, even if that ridiculously stupid fucking law is passed. Rex draws these, and owns the rights to them…just not the actual characters presented. If fan made drawings are goin to be taken down, then there’d be no reason for art anywhere on this planet.

  22. LONGNOSE 38. says:


  23. Sazuke34 says:

    Beautiful!!!! The clothes detail is awesum!!!

  24. Hakai says:

    Oh yeah, Sakura is hot, but I don’t agree with the people at the bottom either. She isn’t he hottest anime girl ever (not by a long-shot) or the hottest girl in Naruto(that belongs to Mei in my opinion.)

  25. mito_is_sexy says:

    i say kushina is the hottest then its yugito n mito

  26. waywayway says:

    Very cool :D D

  27. rkopre says:

    Wow Sakura is so hot, especially her breasts which are not so small here but not big either, I like it. And good news, I notice that you draw Sakura’s face better and better every time, because in some previous pics about her, her face wasn’t perfect, and she was the only one for whom you had difficulties I think. I just see that her right leg is a little bit badly proportionned but I don’t care of it, the image is amazing!
    We can see also, according to the proportion between Sakura and the boy and his dick, that she is fucking a boy much younger than her, what is very exciting : she wanted to dominate him. Fucking lucky boy!
    After Tsunade and Sakura, I think it’s a “swimsuit” serie and as I love Hinata and Ino, especially Hinata, I can’t wait for them. Mmmh Hinata in swimsuit…Temari, Mei and Samui would be also very hot!! Good work Rex!

  28. reer says:

    why do not you draw the girls who massage the prostate + =)

  29. Sorrowful Hand says:

    Dammit she’s so hot on the beach.

  30. waywayway says:

    Now this is my favorite picture from Sakura! :D

  31. Tao says:

    Yay! Very good Sakura pic :)

  32. bomberman says:

    This fucking awesome awesome awesome !!!! Thanks for this masterpiece Rex !

  33. static41 says:

    Awesome! More pictures like that and like Hokage’s summer break

  34. Mute says:

    More beach pics

  35. Kidet says:

    Hey Rex I’ve always wondered: do you masturbate to your own artwork?

  36. Deidara says:

    you should have drawn her with Luffy’s straw hat…to make it even more amazing

  37. Da Nutt says:

    Another gorgeous Sakura!! :D
    I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Thanks Rex :)

  38. rkopre says:

    Pleeease, make Hinata in swimsuit!!! : )

  39. big ideas says:

    i like it but you should make a set of pictures like you did the series of (stripped) you should make a set of (swinsuit)

  40. private says:

    What’s up this time Rex? Today 21 you did only 14 pic per this period (the worst result from all artists as always) and new update should wait till monday, right? You as usual haven’t time for new images, you as always haven’t time for finish the w/b pics, because you so fucking busy, right? Where is fucking daily updated and why others artists able to do more pics than you, Give me guess you are just human what have family friends and social life, while they are cyborgs without life, right? When finally you gonna do the true daily updated here without w/b pics what probably the your daughter will be finishing when she’ll grow up because you never can’t find a bit time for them. I may understand you; the kids every time spared you and treat you as a kid and you yourself begin to behave like a little kid, you’re only one who finds the members as slave-holders But excuse me it’s your work and people paying you, right? Go to work you’re queen of the lazy assholes and if this job is slavery for you then find others job, ok?.

    • rex says:

      @private: whatever… whinner. bitch all you want and goodluck!

      • rex says:

        @private: your so upset because of lack of new image to fap on. try other sites, try sesamestreetpixxx or teletubbiespixxx, loser! LOL.

        • private says:

          How interesting, Rex. Seems people not your side besides a few kids like LoveNarutoandBleachHentai it’s maybe because tired from yours blah-blah-blah. Dude that you should less time wasting on your favorite sites how sesamestreetpixxx or teletubbiespixxx, maybe you should waste more time for lesstalkmoreworkpixxx, hasn’t? By the way you still don’t gave me answer to question: When you really gonna do the real updated daily, without a unfinished pics ?
          P.S. The last yours works *Bitch On The Beach* sucks! and yet if you’ve a some fetishes leave them for yours own ideas, don’t spoiling the other people’s ideas

    • waywayway says:

      Certainly would like to see every day are new pictures and as much as possible, but it just thinking out loud :)
      In REX best hentai Naruto by :D ! and other such no! sometimes you can wait :roll: (most are no longer can not wait hopefully waiting will pay off cool pictures (still hoping that Rex draw Konan with Chikushodo :D )

    • LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

      private can you wait rex may been busy and this is getting out of interest if you want every day update then go to bleach pixxx or animepixxx Claudius and Ellery are much faster than rex (nooffense man*)soo go to rule 34 wich where you trying to see a anime girl naked you pass by discusting anime gay pics or you can go to naruto gonzo were they stealed rex artwork youporn,g6hentai,hentai parodie paredise and even more soo if you are complaining about it then get the fucking hell outta here !!!

  41. LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

    who wants kushina naked in the beach thumbs me up ;)

  42. GoTrick says:

    This so cute sakura.

  43. joao says:

    okay people, is you guys give me an account of me, please

  44. Zer0 says:

    Sakura looks awesome in this pic <3

    I can picture her fucking Sasuke at the Beach and she's all "Sasuke-kun…Ngh.."

  45. nacsidacsi says:

    this a really good pic

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