Mito’s Holiday Fuck

Posted on: December 19th, 2011 by Rex 63 Comments

Requested by Suigetsu

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  1. Oxide says:

    I like !

  2. Fanfiction says:

    im naruto fan not uchihas so would like incest or sth :]

    anyway looks good…

  3. Darkus says:

    Hmm….. Myth is not my favorite kunoichis not make me so beautiful. The fact that madara is in the photo makes everything worse……. The graphic quality is excellent, as always. The only good thing is that I started with photos from Christmas……. I look forward to the color photo and Kurotsuchi Sasame-chan.

  4. TeenFlash09 says:

    So, someone finally requests this. :) ’bout time!

  5. Kazuki-kun says:

    Rex, one thing I like about you is that you’re reliable.

  6. Ideas Ninja says:

    Interesting perspective, hopefully there’s more christmas themed pictures still to come. keep up the great work!

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    Haha, not bad, not bad.:D Though, last time she had much bigger boobs, if my memory serves right!:P

    But, it’s a absolutely unique pairing (Gz for Suigetsu for that) and I’m really glad you started to make some Xmas pictures. I don’t know that you intend to make more, but if you do, I would like to see those linearts.:D I’m really curious.^^

    Anyway, keep it up~

    • FapFapFap says:

      Yea she was much better with bigger boobs. Smh.

      • GodOfPeace says:

        Yeah, don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a big boob fanatic (even though I complain a lot bcuz of it:D) but there’re certain girls who needs to have a decent size, w/o that they’re not the same. Such as Tsunade, Mei, Hinata, etc.

        Although, I prefer smaller, perky ones too, so I don’t really care as long as they aren’t on a typically busty woman (see above).

      • FapFapFap says:

        Lol well thats where you and me differ. I prefer big boobs!! Actually I prefer a big ass over anything. Haha

  8. otakugene says:

    So Naruto and Sasuke are distant relatives. Interesting.

  9. [] says:


  10. dragonfly82 says:

    Awesome pic

    More Mito pics are welcome.

  11. FapFapFap says:

    Lol this is the best pic of the month!! Maybe im speaking too soon but wow!! Mito makes a great comeback while Madara makes an awesone debut!!

    Btw Monday is the promised date for the previous pics to be colored!! Where im from you got 7 mo hrs till tues.

    No christmas tag?

  12. Tao says:

    Wow amazing mito uzumaki :) she has much to do here at narutopixxx haha great job for drawing her Rex

  13. justsayin' says:

    I think it should’ve been named “Happy Fucking Holiday”…..just sayin’

  14. Deidara says:

    Don’t hate me for asking this but, who exactly is Mito ?

  15. thedough says:

    YES Mito omg:D more of her plz she’s damn hot!

  16. |O_O| says:

    ahaha nice pic! :)

  17. Mr. Locke says:

    Nice but Im hoping for some moar lesbian holiday pics ;-)

  18. Ino titfuck says:

    awsome GJ Rex but next can u make an INO ASSVIEW you haven’t made one yet oh and keep making more Mito pixxx she looks amazing keep the works of art coming :)

  19. justsayin' says:

    or how about “Merry XXX-mas”

  20. Sazuke34 says:

    Those are the types of expressions I love!!! I gotta say that her butt and legs so so good man, specially with those sort of “Christmas cotton socks”. Madara you licky bastard, XD
    Post. Thanks for choosing a Christmas request!!!

  21. namichan says:

    I would love to be fucked like that by madara best gift ever lucky bitch

  22. evilangel says:

    is it possible to be drawn more pics like this one? with the same characters or at least with uchiha madara:p

  23. Carl says:

    This. Is. Fucking. Great.

    Kinda one of my requests too but this is great too!

    I hope to see more Holiday Pixxx

  24. andrews says:

    more than 500 pics and just one tsume pic?Why dont you draw her Rex.

  25. Naruto 6543 says:

    Love this pic it is epic nice one rex :)

  26. Gabriel says:

    hot pic , but would be better cowgirl or doggy

  27. LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

    i miss ino so much :(

  28. total naruto fan says:

    pls rex pls make a pic of natsu fucking erza or lisanna ^^

  29. Sorrowful Hand says:

    I really like this position.

  30. FapFapFap says:

    Free blowjobs anyone? ;)

  31. LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

    @total naruto fan soo what are u doing here in NarutoPixxx site go to Animepixxx to ask Claudius a pic for natsu and lisanna get the hell outta here tell him rex!

  32. vViktor says:

    Pixxx CHIKUSHODO please!

  33. Hiori says:

    Sweet pix rex but ill fucking kill tohose bleachpixxx bastard motherfucking asshole bitches. They just keep delaying everithing and im starting to get seriosly pissed off, but at the same time worried if bleachpixxx will ever reopen

    Anybody got usefull info? Please tell me if you do

    Great pix anyway


  34. LoveNarutoandBleachHentai says:

    wdf is appening with the BleachPixxx! maintenance mode is over!well… i love the pic but her boobs should be bigger –_ …

  35. rex says:

    guys, don’t lose hope. Ellery didn’t quit bleachpixxx.we encountered an error in our database last december 9. all of our sites crashed and sadly, bleachpixxx suffered the most damage and lost everything. thats why the maintenance team is currently uploading all the lost files over again.

  36. Carl says:


  37. legendary1 says:

    We need more MITO!!

  38. katienator1 says:

    i think this picture is a good one and i think it would be better if we all had itachi to look at with a wider range of girls i hope you all agree with me

  39. LIL D.L. says:


  40. narutofan100 says:

    naruto clones x kushina and mito next

  41. LONGNOSE 38. says:



  42. narutouchiha22 says:

    well rex has about every fem. in naruto but he should add a fem. haku n fem. kyuubi section to this

  43. krush says:

    this pic is so fakin hot

  44. KushinaLova says:

    More Mito! She is so fucking sexy, the legs and skin are a turn on to me, I wanna Fap to it.

  45. damnfucking says:

    i hope a lot of pics about naruto fuck sakura

  46. izz says:

    I think we know Tsunade’s real grandpa.

  47. marvin says:

    not many madara uchiha pics

  48. natasha says:

    most of yall dirty and the uchiha looks so mean sometimes most of them dont even smile

  49. natasha says:

    yall should make one with tenten and sasori that would be so cute

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